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  2. Willy. If sailing !, take lots & lots of reading material with you. Gets very boring day after day with no change in scenery spacesailor
  3. AND Here's a new twist. "More specifically, it's the hydroflurocarbon HFC-23 - also known as fluoroform - that has hit new highs. It's a bad one, too, with one tonne of the gas having the same greenhouse potential as nearly 12,000 tons of carbon dioxide." Now there's a massive increase of hydrofluro's in the atmosphere, & the scientist haven't a clue were it all came from, with lots of finger pointing. spacesailor
  4. OME i am not anti nuclear however I think the old model of nuclear power is not viable, look up Hinkley Point C. I do however believe that new nuclear will be an inevitable part of our energy mix. The most persuasive argument for nuclear is CO2 mitigation but the most enthusiastic supporters of nuclear power are those who deny the most powerful reason to adopt it. I have often posted links to Bill Gates who accepts climate change and renewables but also beleives we need new nuclear. Gates funds renewables and nuclear. Not in a position to post links but look up travelling wave reactor. The reasons Australia has not adopted nuclear power are not as simple as hysteria. My understanding is that the economics are questionable at this point in time.
  5. And opening the debunking for the Nuclear Industry we have: https://www.anl.gov/article/10-myths-about-nuclear-energy
  6. I can see your problem Jerry, and sympathise. I do have some advice for you, which on too rare an occasion, has served me and other blokes very well. Women in general are sensitive creatures and easily startled. When on final approach, it is best to not wear football boots, never attempt to kick them in the groin, and I think you have misunderstood bedroom sports. Playing Footsie is not football. A plastic bed sheet and bottle of oil is not a car service. If she says "you made me all wet" a towel, is not what she is after. A "little Umbrella" is not a request to keep rain off her head. Most of all- if she asks you to "eat her"- whatever you do, and this is vital............. Do not run into the kitchen and grab a carving knife. I know silly, and even "blow Job" does not involve air compressors or explosives. They are real strange at times. I hope this helps.
  7. Spot on Willy, That's why I am giving up land life and joining the Pirate life. Later in the year, we launch our first Voyage, suitable females may apply. Already have crew of grey beards. "Beatings will continue until morale improves"
  8. So I question the assertion that dam failures can generally be blamed for a significant risk to life and limb compared to solar panels (or other 'alternative ' energy sources). It was been suggested that hydro electric systems are more hazardous to Human lives than nuclear. And it seems that some 'experts' are ignoring the fact that nuclear waste can pose a significant risk to life for thousands of years. Something that is impossible to quantify, but is unquestionably significant.
  9. Not the Pastafarians. They have correlated the rise in temperature vs the decrease in number of pirates since 1820 and found a startling connection. It's hard to argue with figures like this. Their conclusion is we need more pirates for the planet to cool.
  10. But they are just tiny battling quiet Australians. Just getting on with sucking the public purse for private benefit. Its their DNA, any changes will be marketing not real action. Gotta love that poor downtrodden rowing club in Mosman on Sydney Harbour. They got $500,000 for their loyalty. Some got big chunks to develop a foyer to attract weddings etc for profit. LNP , the best corruption bang for your buck.
  11. Yep, Making lots of noise is the only thing they seem to understand.
  12. Using the 1-in-60 Rule, I'm altering direction from subs to parallel the planned track, then making attempting to regain the planned track as soon as possible. After over 1000 posts on this topic, of which I have made quite a few, and from hearing arguments from both sides of the battle line, I have come to the conclusion that both sides are using fake science and scare tactics to win the battle. The ones who benefit from the battle are, as always, the rich and powerful. As a result I have decided that I don't want to be cannon fodder any longer. I find neither side trustworthy, and, since I shall never be rich nor powerful, I'm not going to concern myself with the climate any longer. Since I'm near my allotted three score and ten, in a few years it won't worry me at all.
  13. Pity the French murderers didn't what they deserved. A holiday resort instead of the gilotine. spacesailor
  14. I checked out the one I was thinking of, the HMAS Rankin in 2003, and it was a destroyer they got, not a carrier. My mistake. But it was the one that hugged the underwater cliff face to avoid detection. In the lead up, the crew purposely made a lot of noise to get the Yanks used to hearing that, then went silent.
  15. There have never been any fatalities from dam failure in Australia that I'm aware of. In fact, dam failure events in Australia are very rare and confined to smaller dams that were built many decades ago and which have not had adequate engineering design input. We have virtually no dam failure problems (or potential problems) in Australia because we have: 1. Good engineering standards for dam construction 2. Mostly earthen-bank construction dams that are more robust than pure concrete dams 3. A lack of severe earthquakes, or potential for major landslips into dam reservoirs Most people imagine a dam burst as an explosive burst of a dam wall, as shown in the movies. In practice, this type of event is extremely rare (except when your dam is bombed, a la 617 Sqdn.) The largest percentage of dam failures are caused by exceptionally high and prolonged rainfall events causing severe overtopping of the dam wall, or spillway failure due to the spillways inadequate size, to be able to cope with massive downpours that are outside the calculated rainfall events (generally a "1 in 100 year" flood). Even at that, dam failures usually give adequate warning of impending failure and time to evacuate people in danger. However, there have been some spectacular dam failures in places such as America, often as a result of poor engineering coupled with a high rainfall event. The most spectacular American dam failure was the Teton Dam, in 1976. It collapsed in broad daylight over a period of hours, as it was being filled for the first time. The failure was due entirely to an appalling choice of unsuitable construction material, and positioning of the dam over porous ground. 11 people still died in the Teton Dam failure, despite warnings to evacuate - but the dam collapsed faster than evacuation could be carried out. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Teton_Dam
  16. There have been dam failures in Australia, but the one I am thinking of was an irrigation dam. Another in Qld is drained well down, due to fears about its stability.
  17. It's a shame and a tad embarrassing for them that the roaring mouse soon turned to a whimper when they bent over for the French. That blotted the copy book a bit. But the nuclear thing was admirable.
  18. Yesterday
  19. Don't tell the enimy, they think Sams invincible. spacesailor
  20. I like the " read & write English ". Not kiwi or Maori. spacsailor
  21. facthunter

    Quickies part 2

    More Phoney information and fairy stories? You can't trust anything these days. Nev
  22. You've got to admire Little New Zealand, the mouse that roared. Remember years ago when they told the US Nave to keep their nuclear warships out of NZ waters? Requirements for Being Granted New Zealand Citizenship The requirements for citizenship may not be as intensive as one would think: New Zealand residence; At least 16 years of age; Physically present in New Zealand for at least 1,350 days during the five years before your application, and for at least 240 days in each of those five years; Ability to read and write in English; Understanding the “responsibilities and privileges” of New Zealand citizenship; Of good character; and, Intention to remain in New Zealand if granted citizenship.
  23. Yeah. It was good sh|t, man.
  24. As I said, US Navy loses two flat-tops in war games. Australia scored one and Sweden the other.
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