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  2. Willy. If sailing !, take lots & lots of reading material with you. Gets very boring day after day with no change in scenery spacesailor
  3. OME i am not anti nuclear however I think the old model of nuclear power is not viable, look up Hinkley Point C. I do however believe that new nuclear will be an inevitable part of our energy mix. The most persuasive argument for nuclear is CO2 mitigation but the most enthusiastic supporters of nuclear power are those who deny the most powerful reason to adopt it. I have often posted links to Bill Gates who accepts climate change and renewables but also beleives we need new nuclear. Gates funds renewables and nuclear. Not in a position to post links but look up travelling wave reactor. The reasons Australia has not adopted nuclear power are not as simple as hysteria. My understanding is that the economics are questionable at this point in time.
  4. But they are just tiny battling quiet Australians. Just getting on with sucking the public purse for private benefit. Its their DNA, any changes will be marketing not real action. Gotta love that poor downtrodden rowing club in Mosman on Sydney Harbour. They got $500,000 for their loyalty. Some got big chunks to develop a foyer to attract weddings etc for profit. LNP , the best corruption bang for your buck.
  5. Pity the French murderers didn't what they deserved. A holiday resort instead of the gilotine. spacesailor
  6. Yesterday
  7. facthunter

    Quickies part 2

    More Phoney information and fairy stories? You can't trust anything these days. Nev
  8. It's called a sharduf Nev. That see-saw thing to lift water...Or something like that... and yes the very idea of a mummy is stupid huh. As was the idea of putting all your treasure in the most conspicuous place there was. I agree that they didn't want to know the source of the Nile as they already had their religious explanation.
  9. Last week
  10. Here is a latest design from a big Euro firm for a cruising catamaran and has all the fruit, wide hulls, heavy and the battery pack could be a lot bigger. Needs a few extra Teslas chopped up. It also would benefit greatly from wind turbines for much better range.
  11. Even in the 1990's it was still a track, I used to sidecar monkey there. All open fields for miles. Now just ticky tacky boxes.
  12. Homebuilt esky is the best, mine has 50 mm sides, a sealing lid and even a waterproof circle hatch in top from a boat. The hatch is awesome. You can access a beer without letting cold out or splashed water in. Sealed up a easy 80-100 kg of buoyancy. Unsealed and open with water approx 20 kg. More than enough for support. Also big ropes around outside to hang on to easily. Add a closed foam cushion and that works like a lifevest as well. Mind you I always have a proper vest on anyway. Worst case.....cold beer, food and a huge stash hole for fish. Mind you...I would have to really get Murphy onboard for trouble, the boat is a modified sail/row/power boat. It weighs 75kg but has 400 litres of positive buoyancy. Seats along sides are sealed chambers. I am doing new gunwales and transom for its half century birthday. But will make a version of the Capten collar to stabilise it for a bigger outboard etc. Boats are fun
  13. Seems like a big waste of money. The Airforce told him it wasn't needed as they already handle all things space, but Donald wanted his Space Force right or wrong. In some ways, his administration is going in the right direction from their national security point of view. They seem to be seriously looking into getting their military less reliant on technology supplied by their opponents, China and Russia. One thing that's concerning them is the fact that many Pentagon satellites have Russian electric thrusters for geo positioning. They seem to be a bit worried that the Russians might build technology into them to be able to control them remotely. In the event of a conflict, push the U.S. satellites out of position, so to speak. Until the U.S. catches up with technology, they are in a bit of a bind there. It's come about from the use of private contractors who work to a price. The Russians build state of the art thrusters for a low price, making them attractive to contractors and suppliers. If the U.S. government banned their use, their satellites would cost a lot more and be a lot less reliable. The Americans need to start making their own stuff again. I think the problem is that they are in a permanent state of war which has reduced the money available for R&D. Since the start of the Baby Bush wars, China and Russia have had a golden opportunity to study American gear and capabilities and then develop superior systems. I think America could easily keep pace with warfare technology if they just stepped back from fighting for a while and put more cash back into R&D.
  14. Who is this person and how reliable is this graph? Even if this info is to be believed, it's a short historic period, and takes little account of the intensity of fires. Regular small hazard-reduction burns that allow wildlife to escape and don't hurt the tree canopy cover huge areas. Are they included?
  15. Third world? You lucky lucky barstard. I tried getting the cricket coverage with ABC radio and no chance. Grandstand was playing some crap instead. Just not cricket! You can see Aunty is suffering from funding cuts.
  16. facthunter

    Funny videos

    Creatures that can cause harm if annoyed? THEY elected One. So did Britain..... . and they LIKE each other. Isn't that SO Cute? WHAT could possibly go wrong? RULE Brittania makes America GRATE again. Nev
  17. They might have had Studebaker Hawks. Light blue variety. They were popular with the cops. Reasonable car at the time. Nev
  18. Earlier
  19. Click on the link below for more signs like this: https://drivepedia.com/trending/funny-warning-signs-fb/?utm_campaign=Funny+Warning+XL+Rish+CA3+EXP1++VV>4+En+-+Desktop+WW+FB&utm_source=Facebook&utm_medium=WC&psl=i_b41958&fbclid=IwAR1NLkHKufuQjR6ue15njVjmdiIvmOpi0fL8PuawOm6o3y1jV2v3ozzY3dQ
  20. I once designed a zig zag driveway into a commercial building to reduce the gradient, have to watch out for bottoming the chassis where driveway meets garage floor.
  21. WE all were once. Welcome. Nev
  22. Hi im looking for an event florist that will decorate in my wedding the reception table and also my wedding flower can you recommend one thanks
  23. I enjoyed reading of their exploits immensely. Reads like Henry Lawson. I commuted past Bukkulla each day in the 1979, riding my new CX-500, travelling further in an hour than your Great Uncle did in a day, but no doubt missing many aspects of the bush.
  24. I was surprised to find little by way of hotbox descriptions or photos on the AWM site. Only a couple of photos, with no real emphasis on the hotbox itself. Strange, considering how important they were, to so many people. https://www.awm.gov.au/collection/C36828 https://www.awm.gov.au/collection/C255116
  25. I'll see your reference and I'll raise you two of mine.
  26. No point in arguing. He may not have actual evidence, but he has got PICTURES. From the internet! So it's gotta be fact!
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