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  2. Careful Nev, you are getting a bit close to Buddhism. They would be to closest to an intelligent religion were it not for their reincarnation nonsense.
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  4. The main reason Japan surrendered is because the Soviets attacked them. Japan's army had learned the hard way that it could not stand up to the Red Army. They knew what the Bosheviks had done to Russia's own Royal family and feared their revered Emperor would be next.
  5. The measure by which the 'average' female judges the scene, may change with time. Intellect can be in conflict with instinct The hottest car, the fattest wallet, the biggest sixpact. Whatever.
  6. Personally, I suspect that the size of wars seems to be in proportion to the amount of population pressure. It is an indicator of the size of the overpopulation problem The next one will be a doosey!
  7. All War is inherently evil. It dehumanises normal people ( the perceived enemy, as seen from either side). Then it sets about systematically killing them. The method doesn't seem to matter.
  8. Read it again. Thedow of SAFE burning off, has got smaller each year. Here, in Tas, we used to do hazard reduction burns in spring and autumn. Safe burns have almost disappeared in spring. Now burns are pretty much limited to safe moments in autumn. I presently have numerous piles (house sized) of timber that now must wait until next year to burn. This impacts on what options I have to protect my home. Extrapolate that to all the others who are trying to protect their homes. Each year I probably burn about five tonnes of timber just to protect my home. I can't blame it on forestry practices .
  9. No doubt it was, but the people doing that are the fighting troops and it's OK to kill those who are trying to kill you.. . Dropping bombs on Dresden was also a war crime. It was just civilians not even steel works like the Rhur. Even though Hitler bombed London and did some pretty rotten things, killing non combatants/civilians is against the Geneva conventions. OK war is war and some don't care or obey any rules but the definition is there.. Nev
  10. Yenn, have you talked to the local CFS guys? I have seen them present at burning-off events, probably not on total fire-ban days but certainly in the summer. My understanding is that you should be able to get a permit. I would like to know more about all this myself.
  11. I have a small amount of fuel on my property, due to letting my neighbours horses graze most of it off and also to fire breaks cut and the empty dams having nothing to burn in them, but I would still like to burn of a few hundred square meters around one side of the house before I go away for Christmas. Absolutely no chance, because there is a total fire ban.
  12. Yenn


    If dropping the bomb was a war crime, it was minor in relation to the war crimes committed by the Japanese. They slaughtered thousands of civilians during the war and their record in China before WW2 was horrendous.
  13. It seems to be both according to a lot of fire experts. So maybe not really an either or question. A lot are saying the changing climate has narrowed the safe window of opportunity for burning off, then followed by higher than normal summer temperatures.
  14. Look at the Japanese on Okinawa. Not only suicides amongst the military, but vast numbers of civilians died, many as the result of their believing the propaganda that the Yanks would rape and slaughter. The difficult decision that Truman had to make was the approve the deaths of potential enemy combatants and reduce deaths and casualties amongst his own, or to suffer the deaths of many more from both sides, including Japanese civilians and Allied POWs, if the Japanese Homelands were invaded. As General Patton said to his troops in Europe in 1944, "You don't win a war by dying for your country. You win a war by making the other bastard die for his." And of course the Yanks have been the only ones to have used the atomic bomb. The two bombs on Japan did their task in ending the fighting. As soon as everyone saw the devastation atomic bombs could cause and compared that to the devastation of HE bombs, they realised that these bombs could not be used safely for the country which did use them. From the start of the Cold War until the present, atomic weapons have become the new sabre that militarist countries rattle at each other. But just look at the deaths caused by "conventional" weapons in that period.
  15. Bruce


    My understanding was that the 3 days from Hiroshima to Nagasaki was to give them a chance to surrender but they didn't. Personally, I reckon they should have demonstrated the power of the bomb before using it as they did, and this was the war crime. In hindsight, they probably would not have surrendered on the basis of a demonstration, but it would have influenced me to know that they ( the US ) had tried to do it humanely.
  16. It's considered a war crime when you target civilians.or is it only when it's the bad guys doing it. Nev
  17. Money has replaced strong and sexy. I worked that out before I was 20, having in the meantime become strong and sexy, But broke. Having no car one walks or rides a pushy everywhere which makes you strong. Nev
  18. I don't know if climate change is real or not, but locally we are experiencing fairly high temperatures. In the past it was unknown for a house to be lost to a bushfire. A few years ago the first was a house on Mt Archer in Rockhampton, right beside the National Park and above it.Then we had the evacuation of Gracemere and several other areas lost homes to fires. Last year there were big fires at Deepwater, several homes lost. The fire supposedly stated in National Park. Today I hear that a load of fire experts have been made redundant from the Qld Government, but they are some of them are volounteering. They used to work for national Parks. From the sudden growth of big fires, causing losses of homes and buildings I reckon there must be a reason. The question is can we blame climate change or is it bad management. For the Qld government to be sacking fire experts at this time makes me wonder if they have realised that their experts are not much good, or maybe their total control of who burns when is just rubbish policy. When the national Parks took over State forests in Qld, they had locals giving advice to them and I was on one of those commitees. There was one government member who had a doctorate and she was a self proclaimed expert on fire management, she volounteered to write their fire management plan. Didn't seem to understand that when a fire went through there was no fuel left for it to burn again.
  19. Yenn

    Women in Politics

    The system is breaking down. As I look around it does not seem as if the strong and sexy are achieving anywhere near as much success as the overweight and loudest mouthed.
  20. Yenn


    Russia was acquiring territory because the yanks and the Poms with the French couldn't get there first. If the atomic bomb hadn't been dropped it would have left many more dead, although they would have been military rather than civilian.
  21. The drive in males generally is to individually/ personally fertilise as many females as possible thereby passing on THEIR genes. The strongest sexiest monkey gets more like him around that way. That's the deal. When he loses his teeth or antlers the system brings the next strong sexy male forward to continue the concept of the fittest. fathering the most offspring and propagating his genes.. Nev
  22. America is the ONLY country which has used atom Bomb(s) in anger and they must live with that fact. I don't swallow the line that it was necessary. The rate Russia was acquiring territory was also a big influence on ending the war sooner rather than later. The war had already ended in Europe. America's Industrial strength would win the Pacific war. That was known by the Japanese commanders earlier on but they never surrender. It's dishonourable. That's why they treat prisoners of war so badly. Nev
  23. Christ is God's ONLY son. It's convoluted logic though, and in the old testament you can find just about anything if you look hard. We consider our own lot to be the GOODIES and the other mob to be the baddies, and vice versa for them. We probably need SOMETHING to BELIEVE IN but why have something that is so obviously made up by US. Man made God in his own image is pretty easy to make a case for. WE are OF the planet we adjusted to over countless millenia as are all other creatures we come across. Some may have gotten here on space dust but all have evolved and still are doing it. The Universe is so big we cannot fathom it and our temperate little blue planet may be a rarer occurrence than we once thought. Do unto OTHERS as you would have them do to you . Isn't a bad start and respect and treasure the natural world as without IT you will not exist. Once you upset the balance you then must manage all of it and it's not being done very well, anywhere. Nev
  24. Suttons are still around making drills, taps, and dies. Better quality than most others available. A poor quality adjustable reamer is totally useless. We will regret having those industries gone and the ones associated with them. Over 200,000 jobs . With the $AUD where it is now, they would have been making money. Nev
  25. Bruce, you must have seen some hot times in that central country over the years. Worst I've seen was one day in the north of S.A. where it just touched 60; it was a battle to stay alive. Second worst was a contract in the Great Sandy one January where it hit the mid fifties for a month straight. We had to wait until 8pm every night for the water to cool enough to shower. The last few times I was around Alice Springs, I was amazed at the coverage of Buffel grass compared to when I was there in the 80's. I often wonder if that cools things a bit. There's definitely less sandstorms and soil erosion with the Buffel even if the greens don't like it. I remember seeing blankets of it from the border up to Alice and all the way out to Kintore.
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  27. As Dawkins has pointed out, the very central idea of christianity is insane... God arranged for his son to be sacrificed so that he ( god ) could forgive third parties ( some of them not even born yet ) for their sins. Just imagine a guy who arranges for the death of one of his own kids so he can find it within himself to forgive the bikies in the next town. His lawyer would advise him to plead not guilty on account of insanity.
  28. They were all International Companies which found it in their interests to pay their workers in Asia a bowl of rice per day rather than Australians a kilo of snags. But what about other industries? We used to have a good boot and shoe making industry; clothing (remember Fletcher Jones & Co; Crystal Shirts, Joseph Dahdah and Co?); Wunderlich decorative ceiling panels; Sunshine Harvester; foundries, leather works; Email Ltd. All gone!
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