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  1. My kids are always losing their phone but they always have their phone on low vibrate
  2. Admin

    What the holes for

    The wife Corrine decided to wash her car so I said she could do mine for me as well. I went outside to see how she was going and she was in the middle of washing the back of the car when she asked me, "What are the two holes for"...pointing to the exhaust pipes ...doh If you didn't love them you would just throw yonnies at them
  3. Thanks guys, the Video Section is now up and running with different categories
  4. He said the Brief was "to create a piece that you feel suits you"
  5. I will tell you a story when I first started at primary school... The teacher noticed that I always painted in black so she was concerned. She spoke to my parents of her concern and together they felt that I should see an Education Dept Psychiatrist as it was felt that I had some very dark issues going on in my brain. After about 4 sessions at the Psychiatrist's clinic they put me in a room with a 2 way mirror. In the corner were a whole lot of paints all in different colours except there was no black paint. Apparently I am told that I lost it and screamed and cried. The plot thickened as they couldn't work it out. They tried again except they included the black paint of which I happily went over, grabbed the black paint and started painting. To cut a long story short and after about 8 sessions they finally worked out what that sinister black paint issue was in my brain... In the classroom I sat the furthest away from the paints so when it was paint time by the time I got to the paints, black was the only one left!!!!!! Fantastic Education Dept Child Psychiatrist at work...I was moved closer to the paints where I happily painted each day in different colours
  6. Ok till he loses more hair 🤣
  7. My son Lachlan wants to be a graphic design artist when he leaves school and he is extremely good at it, so his teachers say and in fact get Lachlan to do pamphlets etc for the school. However I am a bit worried about him......... Here is a piece of art he has just drawn at school...we asked him what does it represent for you and he replied with "It's meant to be she is hiding away from happiness and her happiness is melting away" Should I run for the Psychologist????????????????????????
  8. What??? does no one want to suggest any categories???
  9. As the new Video Section is now up and running here on Whats Up Australia I was hoping you could advise what categories we should have in the video section...please make your recommendations and let's see the variety we get...thanks
  10. The new Video Section is now up and running not only as a stand alone site section but also for Groups...I haven't created any categories as yet as I will ask for you recommendations in a discussion thread. Any way you can start adding videos of your liking
  11. Groups have been added to the site. Now the Group functionality is like Facebook Groups only much more powerful so you can create a Group for anything you like, even a family member group so ask your family members to join up here and participate in your Family Group. Groups can be made Private or Public and can include discussions, Photos, Files, Event Calendar, Videos and more...even a Sponsor Page. If you want to create a commercial group you can do that as well with a paid membership fee (10% of the fee goes to the site to help cover costs). So go on, create a Group for what ever interests you and tell your friends to come on the site, discuss anything and join your Group
  12. The blue theme has been made default for all users...still some minor work to do on it but getting there
  13. The "Back to the Top" button has been added. This appears in the bottom right corner of your screen as you scroll down a page...clicking it will take you back to the top of the page
  14. Hundreds of spammers have now been deleted from the site so it should be pretty clean now. I had left Whats Up Australia alone in terms of management as it was designed purely as an Off Topic site but now it has become a serious focus from now
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