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  1. pmccarthy

    Quickies part 2

    Everything seems too soft these days.
  2. The Donald is the closest thing to JC we have had for 2000 years. Telling the world how to behave, saying he is perfect, and believing he is the son of God. Maybe he will be worshipped after another 300 years.
  3. Do you think they would have difficulty staying erect?
  4. Most of what we have comes from mining. The child labour is a political problem, needs fixing, mining must continue.
  5. And the relevance of that pair to ordinary Americans is?
  6. It was a big deal when Cher got a butterfly tat on her bum. Another age.
  7. I hadn't decided whether I was a republican at that time, though I remember shaking the side of the cot and demanding to be let out.
  8. Agreed, it is all a trade off of demand. And in favour of EVs is the overall reduction in numbers due to Uber style travel, whether manned or autonomous, so fewer vehicles will be needed. But that would also be true for ICE if we kept them.
  9. There is a serious difference between copper “ reserves” as published by governments and actual copper Ore Reserves as defined as Proven and Probable under international reporting codes ( like the JORC Code here in Australia). You might describe the government figures as aspirational, but they would not support investment. Much of the copper in those official figures is extremely low grade. It isn’t economic at present. Yes, it might be in future but will require mining of vast tonnages of rock to produce each handful of copper. Creating waste dumps, potentially unstable tailings dams, and emissions. there is no free lunch.
  10. What everyone is missing is that there is not enough copper in the world to build these vehicles and the grid control network to recharge them. Note enough mines, not enough copper deposits discovered. It is a dream that has not been thought through.
  11. pmccarthy


    Have to admit I love UK pubs and the beer. Nothing like it in Oz so I don’t bother.
  12. My parents left me in charge of the house when they went on holiday. I didn’t ever go into the dining room, which had a dozen sealed bottles of ginger beer made in that way. They had all exploded and there were strange funguses growing on the carpet and up the walls when my parents got home.
  13. I was reluctant to get a dog six years ago but she has been a wonderful friend with a great sense of humour. In this photo my wife was doing floor exercises and the dog decided to try and do the same.
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