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  1. In support of my previous post, this chart by Johan Rockstrom shows where our planet is most threatened.
  2. I read in a this morning's paper that couples are voluntarily removing themselves from the gene pool because of fears about global warming. And I read last week that primary school children don’t expect to see adulthood. Doesn’t anyone else see how whacky this is? Even if you believe the alarmist consensus totally, climate change is a risk much less than overpopulation, species extinction and urban spread. These are things we can do something about to greatly improve the future.
  3. pmccarthy


    Yes that's right. And lock means check the lock, not lock anything. Apparently it has been a command in the US military for probably 200 years and was used in WW2 but still with the meaning to check that your weapon was ready to fire, not to lock anything or load anything.
  4. Heysen's art was great, a true-blue German Aussie.
  5. Has it not occurred to you that the Australian Youth Coal Coalition is a plant by the anti- coal movement? It seems obvious.
  6. I saw one racing at Hume Weir circuit with a big V8 under the bonnet.
  7. pmccarthy


    Trump says his team is “locked and loaded”. This is a distortion of language, using nouns as verbs. The command “lock and load” was used in the flintlock days. It meant check your lock and load, that you had a load down the barrel, and check that your lock was primed with powder.
  8. A new book by Naomi Klein (On Fire:The burning case for a new green deal) admits that the climate debate is really about capitalism versus socialism. It is a culture war. She is a socialist and says that the climate skeptics are right in seeing the debate as political. I have only read the review in this week's New Scientist (14 Sept p30) and I will not be buying the book! But it is pleasing to have confirmation that my skepticism has not been paranoia.
  9. When I bought my daughter her first car 25 years ago she chose a Triumph Dolomite. Cost me two grand. I wish she had kept it.
  10. OK I'll have a go. This is research I have done on my great-great grandfather, Hannibal Bartley. Hannibal Bartley was born in St Columb Minor in Cornwall in 1822, one of twelve children. At the age of 19, Hannibal was converted to God during the great Primitive Methodist revival in Redruth. He was then living in Illogan, a village about 3 km northwest of Redruth, where he may have been a farmer or a miner. He married 26-year-old Mary Ann Andrew at the Wesleyan Chapel in Hayle, Cornwall on 23 December 1848. Mary Ann’s parents had died when she was nine and she was living with her brother John Andrew, a blacksmith, and his wife Ann. John was also caught up in the revival and was a lay preacher in the church. Mary Ann had been living with John since her teenage years. Hannibal and his new wife immediately emigrated from Plymouth on the “David Malcolm” as government assisted emigrants, arriving in South Australian in April 1849. They traveled with Mary Ann’s brother John and his wife Ann. Initially Hannibal and Mary Ann attended church in North Adelaide. Hannibal found then work as a miner at the Barossa copper mine in the Lyndoch valley. He was working there in early 1850, the year their son William was born. The mine closed in early 1851, but Hannibal had already taken up farming on the Little Para river at Inglewood, 22 km closer to Adelaide. The family attended church at Houghton, 6 km from Inglewood. When news of the Victorian gold discoveries reached South Australia, Hannibal and John Andrew left their families and traveled to Castlemaine (Mt Alexander). They sent back 60 ounces of gold to their wives, which arrived on Alexander Tolmer’s second escort in May 1852. There was much concern that the coming winter would stop supply wagons getting through from Melbourne and that the diggers might starve, so Hannibal and John decided to return to South Australia. They probably carried a lot more gold with them, beside the amount sent home by the escort. They boarded the brig Triton in Melbourne on June 10th, with 48 other passengers including 30 with them in steerage. Due to bad weather and eventual stranding on mud flats near the mouth of the Gawler River, the Triton did not reach its destination until June 30th. For the last nine days, the steerage passengers had to survive on biscuits and water. Hannibal and Mary Ann’s son George Andrew Bartley was born at Inglewood in 1855. In 1857 the family moved 4 km east to an apple orchard at Kersbrook in the Adelaide hills. Meanwhile John Andrew and his wife Ann had settled at Angaston, where they were to remain for the rest of their lives. They were both stalwarts of the local Methodist church, as was their son William. Hannibal sent word of the good Australian life back to his brother Jeremiah (born 1832) who emigrated with his wife and son William to Burra Burra in about 1855. Jeremiah died there in 1857. William became a miner in Moonta and then in Broken Hill, and is the patriarch of the Broken Hill Bartleys. Scarce lands, good seasons and the income from sales persuaded the SA government in 1874 to open to selectors the whole colony as far as the Northern Territory border. 20-year-old George Andrew Bartley bought 492 acres (Minlacowie) in 1875 and 148 acres (Curramulka) in 1876, both “by credit selection” at Minlaton. He married Elizabeth Booth in 1879 and they eventually had ten children. Hannibal died in 1891 at Kersbrook.
  11. The information is coming from the North American Space Administration's Jet Propulsion Laboratory. WTF? What is a Jet Propulsion laboratory doing in this business, they should be designing rocket motors. Do you believe a spokesman from the Russian space program? Or the Chinese? Why has NASA got this lavishly funded, beautifully presented propaganda site?
  12. Yes and there is plenty of fraud going on. The facts are there in historical records. This is not the hottest, wettest, most turbulent time on record. Seek the facts, don’t drink the Koolaid.
  13. Where would the money come from? The government is funded by taxes, they take money from us, not the other way around.
  14. pmccarthy

    What the holes for

    Was told once by an oil expert just change the filter and top up the oil. If you drive most days, the oil will last forever. I haven't been game to try it.
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