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  1. Because we were raised Christians, we think that his teachings are good and obviously humane. But another background might have us supporting the sword, warfare and noble death. Beware of judging other faiths or societies through the lense of your own upbringing.
  2. This thread has been quiet for days! Time to inject some new Australian data.
  3. A great story Yenn. No author could write that detail unless they had been there and done it.
  4. Bob Hawke was very effective. He would have been outed by #metoo today and would have been in prison instead of PM. Same is true for many effective past leaders here and overseas.
  5. Fly TAA the friendly way and stay in a Travelodge or Carravilla. from Bob Dyer pick a Box,
  6. Octave I don't know how you took a photo of the back of your own head. I tried to do it but kept falling off my office chair. So I am not in it. PS there are pictures of other mines on the other walls.
  7. Don't drink Drive Its a laundry detergent.
  8. Old blokes leaking causes brown shorts.
  9. All forms of science and engineering, then work in the minerals industry. Two of my girls did environmental degrees and have the most interesting and rewarding jobs you can imagine. The minerals industry and its related service industry has the money to do things well and has more advanced technology than other aspects of Australian industry. We lead the world, for example, in autonomous vehicle technology and remote/ robotic operations.
  10. I believe that Britain had substantially reduced its trade with the EU countries at that time. Though it continued to deliver expensive goods to some of their cities.
  11. It looks like it contains a liquid. Might it be warm water, for warmth? Or was he carrying vodka? 🙂
  12. I have 9 1/2 grandchildren and I think they are at least as smart and well educated as we were.
  13. Did you run gas into the sink and light it?
  14. As fans of Sea Hunt we used to sing away in a manger no crib for a bed the little Lloyd Bridges lay down his sweet head i forget the rest
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