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  1. I'm not so sure that 'cultural burning' is the answer for every case. Every picture I have seen shows large numbers of people involved in controlling the fire front, and well spread out trees. It would never work in my 'back yard'. Our trees are much closer together and taller. Our eucalyptus canopy is continuous. And it would a very large number of minders (that we'll never find) to walk the fire through the fireground. Also note that the cultural fire practices do nothing to prevent a lightning strike setting fire to the canopy, where the worst crowned out fires become firestorms. Most of our recent catastrophic fires have been proven to have been started by 'dry lightning', in remote areas that have never seen 'cultural burning' because it's too rugged to hunt the frightened animals.
  2. Too right, Clinton. Things are different now. I think the human race is developing an allergy to fresh air and sunlight.
  3. Speaking of bad taste, I'd have to question the photographer's taste. He took more than one photo.
  4. Technology simply has no sense of humour!
  5. I've go a naked Bike. It's a Yamaha. But I think it's MTOW wouldn't allow those two. They'd have to lose weight by some other more effective method.
  6. Australia CAN become a world leader in innovation. All it will take is a political revolution that beings TRANSPARENCY and HONESTY into our government, with a focus on acting in the interests of the majority. It's not really all that hard. So. I'm waiting............................
  7. They don't see it the same way as we do. They see it as if these other invisible people are sitting right with us, and are included in our collective conversation even though the outsiders are talking about unrelated subjects. They are accepting the intruders 'via phone', as if they are physically present. We 'oldies'see it as disrespectful.
  8. Octave said, "I can't say I have ever had someone pull out a phone mid conversation in a social situation. I guess I would avoid those people but is it really that common? " I see this comonly with under 30's kids. They don't 'pull out' a home because it never leaves their hand. Sometimes mid conversation with me (speaking of family related individuals or their friends). Chatting happily, pause, suddenly glance at phone, quick thumbwork, then continue our conversation without losing the thread. All done in seconds. That's how the busy younger folk are.
  9. Congratulations on your departure! Please keep us posted on your progress. With 35kts behind you, it'll be a great ride north.
  10. A Windlass panel? That kind of new fangled electrickery has no place on a old hungover sea dog's oak n tar ship!
  11. Jerry, I'm not wishing to offend, but have you ever considered the possibility that the farmers of Devon, just didn't appreciate ex bankers as neighbours?
  12. An engineering solution to a biological problem! 😉 Great to hear that you are NED. I'd rather have a lifestyle change than the alternative. It just adds one more item to your daily 'pre flight' checklist!
  13. A dog needs a sense of humour, to accept hoomins as friends! Our little dog had a great sense of humour. She died a couple of years ago, and is still sadly missed. I'm still pining.
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