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  1. Whatever else people say about Julian, I applaud him for highlighting how afraid of truth (and integrity) all governments are. Those in power assume that all their lies and doublespeak should be excused. Sadly, the public seem to accept (normalised deviance) that it is quite necessary to lie and cheat to succeed.
  2. Bruce, there is little doubt that spaceship Earth has experienced severe climate extremes in its geological past . However, there weren't any hoomin Beens around to notice it 50 million years ago. And when (not 'if') it happens again, it's likely that hoomin beens will die out. I don't like the idea of hastening the process.
  3. Marrickville Mercedes that I remember, always had pompoms around the back window, pillows on the back shelf (with embroidered pictures of harbour bridge on them), a saint hanging from the mirror, and were usually brush painted purple.
  4. At first I thought to myself that there might be a glimmer of hope for us. What? Dissent in the Murdock empire? But, alas, it only shows that media leaders are all "left leaning" or "right leaning". Sadly, there is no indication of any media trying to be "unbiased" sources of truth. Except SBS and Australian ABC. The proof of this is they cop it from both sides whenever they report something that might hurt a wealthy income stream or political agenda.
  5. I thought this thread was going to be a whinge about the Libs welcoming a Chinese lobbiest into their ranks. Then I realised the thread started before she go in..... Relevant anyways....
  6. My question would be " What was the brief from the teacher?"
  7. That's a valid point, but there is one big difference between coal 'sludge' and dead batteries. Dead batteries are more easily collected, transported, and are worth money when processed. So it's very likely that recycling batteries will become a money making business in its own right.
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