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  1. and it is doubtful that the vast majority of cars travel more than 50km/day, on average. tradies go to a job and stay there, driving around cuts into profits. Couriers and buses travel further but are well within cooee of a recharge station or battery exchange. There are some, maybe a few in the country who would travel more than 200km/day. These outliers are the ones who need diesel but would be a small minority.
  2. I'm not sure your rants ever reach the giddy heights of an opinion.
  3. just tell them you have a gut problem and you have to drink mineral water. That will allow you to spend all afternoon down at the rowing club admiring the harbour and the flights overhead heading to mascot. You don't get drunk, you don't gain weight, you don't stuff up your diabetes, you don't fart and your mouth doesn't taste like the bottom of a cocky's cage.
  4. Good drunks are well practised in camouflaging their addiction and intoxication. Just because they appear sober doesn't mean they are not drunk.
  5. OME, you have to stop this practise of wandering around castrating mosquitoes!
  6. did they reduce the pension when the price of milk got reduced to $1/litre? The price of milk goes into CPI and pensions are linked to the CPI or better.
  7. Hi Bruce, What brand (and specs), please. Cheers.
  8. Fly over Singleton - very big holes there which would make landfill sites. I doubt that the NSW (or even Cth.) has binding laws, licences or agreements in place to force mining companies to remediate. Much easier to flog the company off to the Cayman islands and walk away.
  9. Chinese recycling companies looking for a government handout, I would imagine.
  10. The Aboriginal pharmacopoeia didn't have preventatives against gunshot wounds, poison, grog or refined sugar and flour either.
  11. List of countries by carbon dioxide emissions - Wikipedia If China wanted to increase their per capita emissions to equal Australia or USA its total greenhouse emissions would be enormous. There is a moral obligation on the US and Australia to reign in their per capita emissions to at least that of Europe or even China. I lived in Newcastle for a while. We once (only once) left a window open. BHP never offered to clean to house, the furniture or the washing as their compensation for the foul pollution they were dumping through the house and the rest of Newcastle..
  12. It was cruelled by the way Howard conducted it and because the direct election people got into bed with the monarchists to kill it off. The direct election peoples attitude was "our way or the highway" - I think they taught Dutton, Kelly, Abbott, Christiansen et al how to dummy spit when they don't get their own way.
  13. WOT? petrol is in liters and pounds/New Pence. all currency is in Pounds/New Pence. All the holes in the wall are in Pounds. Are you sure that you were in the same UK that I was (and 80 million brits)
  14. "Lunatics in the EU", The EU holding all the cards, that wouldn't make them lunatics in my books! Farage and the Lunatics from Brexit have slunk off and are unable to offer anything other than occasional claquing.
  15. It doesn't impact Mosman much but there is a cruise terminal at Balmain that the government refuses to rig up with decent power so the ships keep the power generators going to provide shipboard power. I'm not sure if they have moved to low sulphur fuel. The local electorate is held by the greens, unlikely to be won by the LNP, so is at the end of a single finger salute from the government. Mosman is a coalition seat.
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