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  1. Saw a little on ABC and the Guardian. The solar cars have come a very long way since Hans Tholstrop started the challenge. A awesome education program and pushing the tech ahead quickly.
  2. I find a minute looking at trump makes me dump
  3. Fortunately the powdered milk is actually a export success. Why.....the Chinese do not trust their milk products over chemical poison scares. So for a lucky few its big profits.
  4. Litespeed


    As a side note, Jabiru sells lots of motors for drones. Quiet, light and economic.
  5. As a sick side note, Tone deaf has been added to the War memorial board. The bloke loves war but couldn't give a stuff about the service personnel. Anyone remember " shit happens" when commenting on dead soldiers.
  6. Litespeed


    That simulation is very rosy. The numbers dead would be a great deal more than stated and neglected a very big target that is essential to command and control for US forces. Yep Pine Gap, you can bet it would be a first strike target. No a pretty thought. Real deaths would be in billions with a huge amount of fallout. Nuclear winter is a real thing.
  7. Simple answer ...... Ban cotton farming, nothing uses as much water and chemicals for so little return. We can have food from the system or a small export of cotton. Not both. A handful of cotton uses as much as the rest of the system. Yes hemp is a great crop and also can replace large amounts of concrete in construction.
  8. Your on the money, most are edited by computer these days and rarely checked by a human before publishing. Even worse the programs are American, so are clueless to start with.
  9. What was so offensive? It was a small scene and provides context. The character was historically killed for been gay. This is context. We have always had gay people.
  10. If its green at ends it may be also green in the insulation. Best to replace whole wires as only reliable option.
  11. Maj by law and convention is bound to accept the advice of the prime minister. She has almost no ability to test or refuse the advice. Its a flaw of the system not her. Even if she didn't want to , she must assent.
  12. What other refugees from design were sold here and worthy if a mine shaft G test? 120 y Datsun 180B and its replacement 200B, added 20 more mistakes. The Stanza was Datsuns ironic poetry about death by car.
  13. Litespeed


    Yep, Self hate is very destructive when projecting it outwards.
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