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  1. What other refugees from design were sold here and worthy if a mine shaft G test? 120 y Datsun 180B and its replacement 200B, added 20 more mistakes. The Stanza was Datsuns ironic poetry about death by car.
  2. Litespeed


    Yep, Self hate is very destructive when projecting it outwards.
  3. Litespeed


    No its definitely getting really weird in all the bad ways..... I can imagine Slim Pickens jumping a ride down on a Trump brand bomb any day now....
  4. You could be onto something. Trump has lived in a sheltered workshop his whole life. Only natural he wants the country in his image. Pop and Ma trump should have used condoms
  5. The old hotted up Imp made a good hill climb beast at times though. The rest are best G tested down mineshafts.
  6. Still in a British cell for now. But the yanks are warming up a black site somewhere. Julian gets my vote as well.
  7. Never ever give employers a chance to reduce wages. That is not the right idea.
  8. Litespeed

    What the holes for

    Don't forget the amazing rippoff of changing Injectors, that can be a ripoff. You hear of $5000 on toyopets.
  9. Re beef, We should remember that some of the biggest producers use feedlots to feed cattle. This is a huge polluter by growing crops to feed to cattle. About as energy intense and water intense as is possible. I love beef but I needs to be farmed correctly. And no that does not mean cutting forests down for grazing.
  10. Hummelbird as art? You bet your your flying googles it is. Art is beauty in the beholders eye that makes them think. If it is useful all the better.
  11. They have a long history of been trained for their role. NSW the convict state. Not a convict? Keep breathing, the government will fix that.
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