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  1. Yenn


    who says the Yanks don't have staying power. They have been 18 years in Afghanistan. What II say is that they don't have the mental power to know how to stop.
  2. My first car was a Morris Eight series 2 ex post office van. Second a Riley Kestrel. Wish I still had the Riley.
  3. Yenn


    The importation is under way. Our PM is in Washington. What he has been saying is just embarrassing. He seems to think Trump is a sane leader and that is embarrassing also. I wouldn't trust either of them, but at least Scomo is living up to expectations. A real chip of the Little John block.
  4. I had forgotten the mini moke. it had a square section fuel tank with the filler on the side. just to make it difficult to fill from a drum. The steering rack was held to the firewall with a couple of U bolts. Good fun when they came loose. It should have been better as it came years after the Hillmans.
  5. Yenn


    Nev. You hit the nail on the head. The yanks are never happy unless they have someone to hate. Think Cuba, Viet Nam, Libiya, N Korea, China, Iran. and countless other places.
  6. The way Julian has been treated by the Australian government makes me wonder why anyone would want to have Australian citizenship. same goes for David Hicks. Both guilty until proved innocent.
  7. Hillman Californian. I couldn't drive one more than about ten miles, because they were so uncomfortable. Nearly as bad as the Land rover. We had Hillman utes in the pommy army and I must admit that I seldom drove one. My job was more involved with driving defective vehicles, so that is a point in their favour. Later vehicles have engines that are harder to rebuild, but it is my experience that later vehicles don't need engine rebuilds. Of the old English vehicles the Standard vanguard was a stayer and the same engine is still going strong in hundreds of old Fergie tractors.
  8. I have rented many cars in the UK, VW, Skoda, Renault, Ford and others. Last time I was there I got a Vauxhall. I now know why the UK car industry failed. I would not rent another Vauxhall, they are absolute rubbish. They are worse than an old Hillman, if that is possible.
  9. Is it really science or is it statistics. We hear that carbon in the atmosphere has been increasing. We hear that temperatures are increasing. It is statistics that puts the two together and says one causes the other. Also some of the statistics are a bit dodgy. Temperature used to be measured at certain times by someone who read the thermometer. Nowadays it is recorded digitally and the Max temp really the max for the day. The old way I doubt that the max temp occurred at the exact time the thermometer was read, plus the fact that thermometers read to the nearest degree, not decimal point of one. As for sea levels rising. my people live in England, near one of the Cinque Ports, Rye. If sea levels are rising Rye shows no evidence of it. There is only water there at high tide, the rest of the time it is miles inland and dry. I still believe we should reduce our reliance on coal, use sustainable methods of doing everything and definitely go along with taxing plastic packaging.
  10. where I live we can raise grass fed beef using the water that falls on the land and what is collected in dams and creeks. There is no way I could grow a vegetable crop, without having to increase the water supply. I would also have much more carbon emissions from the tilling, harvesting and transportation of the crop, plus where would the labour come from. It may be a different matter on the Darling Downs, or down South, but land here is not suited to growing crops . If the tree huggers have their way cattle would be banned, also sheep. I suppose wild pigs would flourish and hide in the lantana and other weeds that would take over. The tree huggers wouldn't even let us shoot the wild pigs. Notice do gooders have been elevated to tree huggers. Until you try grass fed beef, you are missing out, it is so much better in flavour.
  11. Yenn


    Did you hear Alan Joyce going off about airports having a monopoly and gouging prices. With 23.88 million being gouged off air fares just to pay him, I reckon he speaks with forked tongue. Not being a Qantas shareholder I don't know offhand how much is paid out as bonuses to the other staff, but I bet it is not peanuts.
  12. Why use water at all to get rid of human waste. there are good composting toilets available now. The sewerage system is one of the biggest expenses for local government. I have built and upgraded systems for Ipswich and Gladstone and even back last century the costs were staggering. I hate to think what they are now.
  13. By do gooders I was meaning those who push a barrow without knowing what is in it. For example there are a load of people saying we should eat beans rather than beef. I just wonder how eating beans will reduce the methane or other greenhouse gases. To grow beans you have to plant, them water them, harvest and then transport and mill them. To eat beef, you put cattle out on the dry country where I live, they water themselves in water holes or dams, eat the dry cellulose that grows, then you ship them off to an abbatoir. Much less use of fossil fuels and fertilisers, but I suppoe the downside is that it is less labour intensive. Basicly they are people who believe any sort of bullshit poked out by greenies. Nev. I never read the Courier Mail, otherwise I agree with you wholeheartedly. Hazlewood always appalled me with its pollution, but so did most other power stations. I did spend over a decade working on those places, building chimneys designed to spread the pollution further away, so that it wasn't so obvious. I was talking to someone the other day who reckoned Calcap power station, built in the sixties was a very low producer of carbon dioxide, he installed the gear to collect it. Now of courst it is closed and Callide has taken over the pollution.
  14. Yenn

    What the holes for

    my Prado has 5000km. I never change oil that often and a friend of mine had a land Cruiser that never had an oil change in about 500000km. I bet it was a bit black, but it still worked.
  15. I travelled in NZ last year, up the coast from Christchurch, then across to the west coast and back by train across the S Isle. Whay amazed me was the ability of NZ to get things done. The work done in Christchurch to recover from the Earthquakes was amazing. The road and rail work up the coast N of Christchurch was similar. Here in Qld we have on one little stretch of Bruce Highway we have put up with 8 months of roadworks, or really it is not roadworks. We see a little bit of work done and then nothing for a few days and so it goes on. The road is the equivalent of 4 lanes wide, cut to 2 lanes and a 60kmh speed restriction. Before they started working it was 2 lanes wide and 100kph. If it was done by the NZ government it would have taken less than a month. I wonder who sent those drones in, it could well have been the USA.
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