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  1. Big blank page Nev. What happened? That new technology, which I have not bothered to look at would be similar to the nuclear technology I expect. We have been told for years that they can handle the waste product safely, but it has not been done. That to me says they cannot handle it.
  2. My forecast. The parliament has not voted on Saturday, so Boris has another go at getting it passed. He will fail and as he has already asked the EU for an extension, or maybe not asked as he didn't sign the letter, the EU will say yes to an extension. If the EU said no, then the UK has to make a decision, either leave or stay. Either way the EU is ahead. If the UK stays the EU is happy, if it decides to leave, then there will be another vote on stay or leave If stay the EU is even happier, if leave, then the UK is in real strife. My forecast is that the UK will not exit. The whole Brexit was a fiasco, caused by politicians promising what they could not deliver.
  3. There does appear to be a change in the climate. We are getting less rainfall and our usual wet season failed this last season. We are told to expect more cyclones, more fires and all sorts of other problems. What is really happening is that statistics point to a change in climate, but scientists can't really say what is likely to happen. We must prepare ourselves for climate change, but don't listen to government, they have an agenda to keep us all scared and believing how wonderful they are at protecting us. Even if burning coal was not causing a problem it would be a very good idea to stop burning so much. Making solar or other environmentally friendly electricity must be good. Using solar power to pump water up hill so that it can later run down and generate power, just points out how expensive coal powered electricity is. The ongoing problems we have with fires, burning down houses should not be happening because over the last few years there has been governmental control of fires. Where we used to burn excess fuel off before it could become a hazard, we now have to get a permit , and by the time we have it the time to burn has passed. Also Qld has handed forestry land to National Parks and there fore management system is a poor joke.
  4. I went from Chatham in East Kent to Blandford in Dorset, a distance of less than 100 miles, it only took about 6 hours in 1953. I wonder if it any faster now.
  5. I just wonder what has come out of the years of competition with the solar cars. I cannot think of any great advance they have made.
  6. The worlds greatest democracy? The USA seems to have become the worlds largest dictatorship. With the USA as an ally who would need enemys?
  7. You cannot blame Palmer. Blind Freddy could tell that voting for palmer was a stupid idea. Only an idiot would vote for Palmer. If you voted for his party, please don't it seriously, the old saying applies here.
  8. There was info about it on the ABC several days back, but the real reason it doesn't get air time is the fact that nobody is really interested in a so called car that has to be pampered and can still only carry one person. Over the years there has been so little improvement in those cars that it is just a big yawn.
  9. Labor had the old crowd, Shorten and Albo. LNP had a new chum who was not well known to the electorate. Looking at Labors history, neither Shorten nor Albo impressed me, in fact Shorten was just a jumped up union hack who was made to look foolish by the mine manager at the disaster. That is where Shorten first appeared and he looked stupid, cared less for the miners than the mine manager. Albo has a long record of ineffectiveness. Those factors made labor look less than appealing. Scomo came along with a massive scare campaign and denigrated labor at every chance. They really won the election, not by having any policies, let alone good policies, but by saying over and over that labor was no good. Problem is that the electorate fell for it. Personally I didn't want Labor or the LNP to win and the Greens would have been useless. We need politicians who will look after Australia, not their party. Since the election Scomo has continued in the same vein and even though LNP have been in for 3 terms, they still get away with blaming anything going wrong on Labor and saying ow good they are.
  10. I just picked up a couple of friends who returned from 2 months overseas. They travelled Sweden, Norway France Italy, and Britain by train. they commented that the British trains were nowhere near as good as those on the continent. Slower, but much faster than they used to be and always lots of cancellations or delays.
  11. Yenn

    Last big trip

    Next year my wife and I are thinking of a final trip to see rellies in Wales and England and also considering a bushwalking trip in France. Provence this time with a tour group that arranges accommodation and carries luggage between hotels. I am getting too old to backpack with everything I need. Has anyone tried this sort of thing, also does anyone know about flying in France around Avignon area?
  12. facthunter. You have hit a sore spot with me. I am a bushwalker of many years standing, or rather walking. It really saddens me to se the rubbish we Australians litter our country with. Go on any publicised walk and you will find rubbish, but I must admit it is less now than ten years ago. Even worse just look at our roadsides. I pick up rubbish every morning when I do my early walk. Along 1.5km of back road I seldom fail to pick up a plastic bag or drink can. I feel sorry for MacDonalds as the amount of their garbage seems to have dropped of significantly since the big construction jobs in Gladstone closed down. Cold weather also seems to lessen the roadside rubbish, it is too cold to open the window to throw it out. Pity the cold is only a month or so. When I went to Uluru, many years ago I elected not to climb the rock, because the aborigines didn't want us to. Since then I have been approached by aborigines who asked me what I knew of sacred sites or artwork in the area of our local dam which was being raised. When I aid I was not aware of any and asked if I could join them on an exploratory walk in the area, they were horrified. Happy to pick my brains, but not happy to let me help them and maybe learn something.
  13. OK Methusela, but no matter who owns the media we have the ability to read between the lines. Sadly it seems that anything written nowadays is considered to be truth. No matter what the topic there are people pushing their own barrows and getting an airing in the media. We need to be aware of that fact and ask ourselves what is behind this story.
  14. Get hold of a book called "The Making of Donald Trump" It is enlightening, all about his previous life, before inauguration. If the things written are not true or as trump would say False Truths, I wonder why Trump has not taken the author to court. If as I suspect they are true, Trump would be wise not to use a court case, because it would expose him. What is really sad is the number of people who appear to be supporting Trump and hiding his shady deals.
  15. How come 1% pushed the Brexit barrow. With 1% it would never have passed. You mean 1% on top of 50% surely.
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