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  1. That's an awful lot! Do you think they could make THAT many so quick. spacesailor
  2. spacesailor


    Not surprising the Americans left. THAT FRENCH WAR. None of the combatants Other than the french should have been involved, Just the Locals rebelling at their NASTY Masters. (according to my teachers) spacesailor
  3. I thought you said: "I chose my wife very carefully, " And only lasted 23 years !. Try 57 And still counting . THAT'S good choosing !. (or dumb Luck ) LoL spacesailor
  4. " If the weight of the evidence contradicts the theory then I will happily abandon it. " Careful: The "wooly Mammoth" died out due to global warming, SO SAY the scientist. A bit before the industrial revolution of Humans, I believe. Snowball Earth has been thawing for many millions of years, When Humans hadn't reached the Iron age !. spacesailor
  5. But like airports, we need High-speed public transport, to get there. Seven minutes in a car against fortyfive on the bus, discarding the walk to the bus-stop. spacesailor
  6. Shuss Don't let the ladies know there's help for them. spacesailor
  7. SO My Grandson is 31 & Not to have the vote for His children. THAT SUCKS . SPACESAILOR
  8. I bought a Holden, sheet !. Did you know the five stud wheels are attached by four bolts . Weee there goes my left front wheel, over the fence & across the field. Only a little scar in the tarmac. Never found that Dammed wheel with the brake rotor inside it. noticed the shake three days before & no mechanic (3 of them) picked up the problem. spacesalor
  9. "look much the same and can only do the speed limit, legally, like all of them." RR excepted, It is speed restricted, According to that TV show, when they could not get it over the 70 mph ( 112 kph) limit. Be no good in the NT Open road or even the 140kph limit. The Bentley Sport, is A lot different !. spacesailor
  10. TWO votes for the Australian !. Can we get a few more ?. spacesailor
  11. The Vauxhall VIVA was the first Pomi car to be builtwith a 5 year life, problem with workers Not having time to do all the welds, or put all the bolts on, meant it fell to bits after 3 years, & you literally ran over your own mudguarde. spacesailor
  12. So when do we Get a rump of pork. I was at Quambone cattle station nsw, many years ago, & the farm-hands & I found a couple of Large pigs (Boars). BUT they shot them so full of holes they had to carry them to the tip, instead of the pub, to get a free meal. from their donation. spacesailor
  13. ", he guided Wikipedia to being a free resource for humankind. " How about Julian Assange, Now there'a good candidate. spacesailor
  14. " Also income tax is just one source of taxation, even people who only receive the aged pension ( a form of social wage in that you get it whether you have paid tax or not) are still tax payers by virtue of the fact that they pay gst and sales tax" And this smart government give TAX breaks to likes of A Joyce, Knowing that the pensioners DONT pay income tax. Then All the prices go UP again, spacesailor
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