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  1. "look much the same and can only do the speed limit, legally, like all of them." RR excepted, It is speed restricted, According to that TV show, when they could not get it over the 70 mph ( 112 kph) limit. Be no good in the NT Open road or even the 140kph limit. The Bentley Sport, is A lot different !. spacesailor
  2. TWO votes for the Australian !. Can we get a few more ?. spacesailor
  3. The Vauxhall VIVA was the first Pomi car to be builtwith a 5 year life, problem with workers Not having time to do all the welds, or put all the bolts on, meant it fell to bits after 3 years, & you literally ran over your own mudguarde. spacesailor
  4. So when do we Get a rump of pork. I was at Quambone cattle station nsw, many years ago, & the farm-hands & I found a couple of Large pigs (Boars). BUT they shot them so full of holes they had to carry them to the tip, instead of the pub, to get a free meal. from their donation. spacesailor
  5. ", he guided Wikipedia to being a free resource for humankind. " How about Julian Assange, Now there'a good candidate. spacesailor
  6. " Also income tax is just one source of taxation, even people who only receive the aged pension ( a form of social wage in that you get it whether you have paid tax or not) are still tax payers by virtue of the fact that they pay gst and sales tax" And this smart government give TAX breaks to likes of A Joyce, Knowing that the pensioners DONT pay income tax. Then All the prices go UP again, spacesailor
  7. " Therefore climate-change position is worse than pedophilia and should be punished accordingly." Only after the conviction, Just like PELL The PREDATOR. "Give massive subsidies on electric vehicles and infrastructure until the market catches up. Make all public transport free (and much m" The governments did similar, In the days of steam, TAXED the weight of vehicles ,We all know that water weigh's a lot, So steam died on our roads. H Ford had the money & persuasion to get an advantage. I would HATE to live in SnowBall earth Blooody cold in them days of pre-industry. spacesailor
  8. Last time I was offered a feral pig, meat, the heavens opened & he that controls the weather, deemed that I should go without my share of pork.! NOW that same flood plane, Has not a blade of grass on it & the dam's are below the minimum levels. Soon we will be trucking water to the west instead of wheat. (for human consumption). spacesailor
  9. spacesailor

    What the holes for

    But only $3,000 for the injector pump. $130 for platinum plugs is a bit steep too (6 in my V6 ). Happy with only two (plugs) in my HummelBird 1/2 VW motor. And One switch (ignition) (home moded, (but could just use bare wire connection )). spacesailor
  10. The Poms of Old, had them, (composting toilets) In the days of Knights. But it was a long LONG climb, up the tower to get to the Loo. I bet a few didn't make it too. LoL spacesailor
  11. Not so green now. BUT So Mars, like colours. spacesailor
  12. Like they did under Cromwell. Are you suggesting they should have a second try at being a Republic. spacesailor
  13. spacesailor

    What the holes for

    "Nev" I completely agree with you, BUT, check the prices next time shopping. Petrol, will live after driven being through a river, (flooded), One drop of water down a diesel intake & a broken Conrod will be expected. I drive both, Pajero & Delica. (DELIveryCAr) spacesailor
  14. NEVER EVER. Get invited to dinner, Low doors on a Maori house, So the old have to bend over to get inside , Then, The axe falls on their neck & into the cooking pot they go !. Pākehā & Puha was a staple diet, now available on a "food-truck". spacesailor
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