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  1. If we don't believe what we read, all those books in the library should go the way of the "German book burning " in the 40s. Then we can pass on our history by the old singsong that preceeded the writen word. Starting with the Bible. For the lies it must have. spacesailor
  2. The Sacred place Is.Uluru the "water Hole" that doesn,t dry up. spacesailor
  3. How about we ask the owner's of mount Conner, just down the road, to let us use their Rock!. Almost the same hight. spacesailor
  4. Googled the answer. "The legislation had restricted the sale of gold in Australia only to the Reserve Bank or a person authorised by the bank. It had also prohibited the export of gold without the Reserve Bank's permission." AND "Australia Gold Confiscation—1959 In other words, they made it legal to seize gold from private citizens and exchange it for paper currency." So, They (sivergoldbull) can sell , & the law can take it away !. spacesailor
  5. The only money worth keeping is the Krugerrand. After all it is made of GOLD, & appreciates when buried in the garden. That's the reason it's ILLEGAL. Here. spacesailor
  6. England has a lot of "Steam Trains". spacesailor
  7. Pollies in general, me think's. give anyone the SHEEETS See chan 2: Parliament children's hour. spacesailor
  8. RED750:ml in bottles, goes well at cellarbrations. Don't dilute. spacesailor
  9. "Chlorine is carcinogenic" So much for our stomach, with all the (pool) chlorine in the drinking water, only diluted by the Fluoride, they put in as well. Chlorine is easily removed, the Fluoride needs a "reverse osmosis filter". Drink RAIN water.Filtered of course !. spacesailor
  10. " after the deductions for the EU costs are taken." That would be the Biggest bite of all. New CEO,s salary Equals an average country's GDP. England should have let the Russians take over Europe in 1945. spacesailor
  11. Oranges, are a good natural laxative, if you have a little bit of the skin (peel). Too much & you will, Run, to the toilet. spacesailor
  12. "that doesn't need" go it alone types" It's the Greedy Bureaucrats in Brussels, that think they'r the elected leaders of all Nations. Another "Hitler's Dream". Will They, Pronounce the new. Republic of Europe Without a vote cast. spacesailor
  13. Thats the Rub, shortage of water, Now on the second town with the taps turned OFF. So much Clean drinking water to wash your ass, & flush your toilet. spacesailor
  14. But whats the point of "selling" Product, If it's unfit for the consumer, Not just Coles but my supermarket "Aldi". Bag of oranges returned & no questions asked, They knew it was no good for it's purpose. but sold sell it. spacesailor
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