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  1. Willy. If sailing !, take lots & lots of reading material with you. Gets very boring day after day with no change in scenery spacesailor
  2. AND Here's a new twist. "More specifically, it's the hydroflurocarbon HFC-23 - also known as fluoroform - that has hit new highs. It's a bad one, too, with one tonne of the gas having the same greenhouse potential as nearly 12,000 tons of carbon dioxide." Now there's a massive increase of hydrofluro's in the atmosphere, & the scientist haven't a clue were it all came from, with lots of finger pointing. spacesailor
  3. Pity the French murderers didn't what they deserved. A holiday resort instead of the gilotine. spacesailor
  4. Don't tell the enimy, they think Sams invincible. spacesailor
  5. I like the " read & write English ". Not kiwi or Maori. spacsailor
  6. "In an extreme case, I can imagine a thunderstorm forming from those clouds. It would be a rare event for sure." which made the world record, when a German girl was taken up into the Heaven's & nearly died with lots of hail in her cocoon, that helped to bring her down. spacesailor
  7. Whenever HE wants. Australia Will obey. spacesailor
  8. Except he jumps when Donald says jump. D starts wars & M goes to war for him. spacesailor
  9. Solar boat was trialed in Sydney, no joy, had to use diesel motor most days. Two banks of panels, one bank tilted up to join the other bank so both banks had full sun. Still didn,t work as well as promised. spacesailor
  10. Untill BREAKDOWN Then no mechanic to fix it, outside major cities. Take a Mercedes, that if power goes out when adjusting personal seating, needs a complete replacement computer, Including switching off ignition, after choosing wrong setting. spaceksailor
  11. WHY ARE WE WASTING A FUEL SOUCE. A polytarp will collect methane & poly pipes can transport it. Not a lot of outlay to get that FREE methane fuel to a commercial plant for industry. spacesailor
  12. The DeadSea is a holiday resort, just because you float in that high salt sea. Lake Eyre is almost a no go. spacesailor
  13. South Island NZ, that, will do, It could be SNOW, to fil the glacier,s. Happy greenies now. spacesailor
  14. Lightning Ridge, was solar before solar was a game changer. spacesailor
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