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  1. NBN not working in regional areas !!! You whingers, it won't be available to complain about until next year here in the nation's capital. :tongue in cheek: Or at least in the area where I live where I could throw a rock and hit the telephone exchange.
  2. Hmmm whilst you have been under a rock, over the last ten years, I fitted solar panels to my house, then realising I was generating enough electricity to power all my needs and feed enough back into the grid to be making money. I did some research and ended up fitting more panels on a separate battery feed system. This battery ensures that whenever my wife or daughter need to charge their cars (yes I still have a diesel ute) we can charge their cars, usually overnight. and I still get a credit back each quarter from the electricity company which I then use to pay my elderly mother's electricity bill. We in Australia are in a much better position than most to benefit from such technologies. When I started down this ecologically sound approach to supplying my power needs the technology was new, more expensive and considered radical. If I was to do it today it would cost half as much as prices come down as more people go down this path. If instead of claiming that coal is the only answer people looked at things differently they would realise we only use coal now because of choice and ignorance. If you want to claim that coal is needed for immediate surge capacity, look into battery storage and the community battery systems now being installed.
  3. Perhaps not the one you are thinking of, but certainly not incorrect. Battle of Goose Green - Wikipedia
  4. What are you suggesting.....someone has pinched his nuts?
  5. Aw Nuts............I guessed has just been sacked.........he must have really ballsed up!!!!!!!
  6. Red You sure that is the block, not the one across the road (backing on to Little Lonsdale st)? Afterall the block you show is sort of just a glorified traffic island. Google Maps
  7. No....he said they were fighting over him, that implies he has two girls on top.
  8. I see, so these are sight gags.
  9. Visionary humour !!!
  10. No need to shoot. With a name like Jose surely the yanks could build a wall.
  11. The skydiving chimp for the Bingle insurance ad. And apparently a new ute ad was filmed out there a couple of weeks back (sorry not sure of the brand). Goulburn could be the new Hollywood
  12. A single unique identifier used by all licencing bodies and accessible by all enforcement/ inspection bodies would enable a user to carry their National Identity Card only. Then when required to prove that they are licenced for a piece of machinery or permitted access to something the enforcement/inspection body may search the National Identity card unique identifier and confirm the licence status and provide proof of identity. Individual licencing bodies (RA Aus, Qld Marine, SA Motor Vehicle, NPWS etc) would therefore only update a central register. No need to carry multiple "cards" (along with all the bloody shopping cards).
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