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  1. Roughly the same as diesel. They seem to hover around 1 cent apart.
  2. I can't believe your fuel WAS 1.29. I haven't paid less than 1.49 for diesel in what seems like forever.
  3. If you look at her history I don't think you can write off her views on climate change as just an opportunity to move from capitalism to socialism. That's a very small fig leaf to cover your skepticism.
  4. I was at the Hobart one with my three primary-school kids. When I went to sign them out of school there were already three full pages of names who'd left for the rally. They were a bit young for it, and my 9-year old (who's obviously been confusing US news with Australia) was scared of being in the crowd in case someone opened fire. But an ice cream afterwards made up for it.
  5. "Don't you start that sh*t again!!" That was a good joke.
  6. Marty_d


    A "living wage" which is universal is not a new idea. Don't think it's politically palatable though. Imagine Alan Joyce on his $24 million also getting $40k from the government.
  7. Hmm, that raises the spectre of thought police, being jailed for your beliefs, all the kinds of things we really don't want to go back to. As much as I think that people who refuse to accept the science are slightly dotty, I don't think we can blame the effects of climate change on only those who refuse to accept it. How about a climate change denier who nonetheless lives in an inner-city location so doesn't drive, has a flat in an eco-friendly apartment (purely because of the view), and happens to be a vegetarian? Their carbon footprint would be much less than mine, so strictly speaking I should be charged more for damaging the climate even though I accept the science. There's only one way to really combat climate change - price it. Items wrapped in plastic should be taxed far more than items that aren't. Put a price on carbon. (Julia tried it but that f*wit Abbott wrecked it). Give massive subsidies on electric vehicles and infrastructure until the market catches up. Make all public transport free (and much more of it) and tax fuel til it's $5 a litre. Stop giving a free ride to the airlines which would lift fares to what they should be, which will reduce unnecessary travel. Fix the electricity networks until they can handle the fluctuations of solar and wind, invest in massive battery farms, and then tax fossil fuel generation until it's unsustainable. Put a ban on any new coal mining and make a proper plan to phase out existing. Would I like all this? No. It would impact me greatly. But if we want to be honest about combating climate change then we all have to feel the pain so our kids and grandkids have a chance at a reasonable life.
  8. New Zealand with Jacinda Adern doesn't look like they're going to war any time soon.
  9. It seems that the problems occur because they haven't upgraded the infrastructure and don't manage the network data properly. Which again comes back to a complete lack of policy direction from the government. This change is happening and will continue to happen, but they sit back and talk about nuclear and "clean coal" instead of providing some certainty to the sector.
  10. I thought the country folk had a roll in the hay, not in the ute.
  11. Hmm. Looking for logic in Trump's decisions. There's an exercise in futility.
  12. I guess the risk to China is that their growing middle class sees Hong Kong having a fairer justice system, more privacy, less government interference, and starts agitating for it on mainland China.
  13. Marty_d

    What the holes for

    Leaf her alone.
  14. There's a razor? I didn't get past the first picture.
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