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  1. My kids use "Donald Trump" as an insult (usually to each other). "Stop being a Donald Trump!" is a common one flying around.
  2. My mistake. Ok, let's just hope the elephant in the room (actually, the warthog in the oval office) is reason enough for voters to buck the trend.
  3. Let's hope that poll is just as wrong as the ones before he was elected!
  4. Talking of using coal for something better than burning, there was a scientist on R N the other day who works in Newcastle. He's turning black coal into carbon fibres far cheaper than the traditional way, which could lead to the automotive industry using it for body panels. Adds a whole lot of value to the product and doesn't release the carbon, plus cars built of it would be at least 30% lighter so produce less emissions themselves. That is the kind of thinking we need.
  5. His mother couldn't understand why he started drinking 2 litres of milk a day from then on...
  6. That idiot Palmer didn't help either, spending his $70 mill on anti-Labor tripe to win votes, which, because he didn't get one seat, went straight to the LNP. I know what you're saying about Shorten but the leader shouldn't matter. Before Turnbull took the reins he looked like the great hope for Australia - pro-business but socially progressive with concern for the environment. Given that Abbott was in charge at the time he looked especially good. However he was effectively stymied by the ultra-conservatives and couldn't get one thing right. His backbone disappeared and he ended up being a joke. His one reasonably good policy, the NEG, went down with him because of the same country-wrecking conservatives like Christensen, Abbott, Abetz, Dutton and Andrews to name a few. Labor on the other hand had a comprehensive set of good policies and a cohesive team. There was no infighting, backbiting, hardly any factional scuffles. To be honest they looked the best they had since Julia was in charge. I think it was a huge missed opportunity for Australia, especially given that 80+% of people rate climate change as one of their major concerns, but didn't do anything about it at the ballot box.
  7. I'm at a bit of a loss to explain Labor's stance on a few things lately. Yes, they suffered a loss at the last election which gave them pause and caused a bit of soul searching. (The loss was not actually that big, it was more that the expectations were high that they'd be a shoo-in.) But ever since Albo took on the leadership there's been a lot of position changes on various things. They've backed the government on a few decisions that I really didn't think they would, the latest being the laughable "big stick" energy legislation. Then there's the internal scuffles over their emissions targets, with some MP's wanting to again fall in line with the LNP and their ineffective Paris commitment of 26-28%. What's going on here? Labor actually had a really good set of policies going in to the last election. Especially compared to the LNP, who had none except "we're not Bill Shorten". Their emissions targets were in line with the best scientific advice, which the LNP's certainly aren't. Their structural tax changes actually made sense and wouldn't have caused financial pain to anyone who couldn't afford it, despite the scare campaign by the LNP. (So self-funded retirees could only afford one overseas holiday a year instead of 2... tell that to a Newstart recipient, or even a working family with a mortgage, and see what their opinion is!) As I see it, there was nothing wrong with their policies except that they hadn't brought a larger percentage of the electorate along with them. But they lost, and now their confidence is gone, and there's worrying signs that they think they have to be more like the LNP to win votes. We need an effective opposition that actually stands for things, and we need them to convince the electorate that sound policy built on expert scientific and economic advice is worth doing, even if it causes a little short-term pain. What we don't need is a race to the right in a panicked attempt to regain popularity. They're not going to gain LNP voters by being like the LNP, they're just going to lose progressive voters. What do you think?
  8. Really? So they raise the rate of interest they pay to retirees when the official interest rate goes down? In a pig's ar*se. "Banker" is a dirty word.
  9. Marty_d

    Last big trip

    G'day Yenn, When we were staying in Uzès 5 years ago I had a flight in a Sav with Christian Soulat at an airstrip just north of the town (about 8km). The name of his company is "Les Ailes Cevenoles". The flight was a bit over an hour and took in Avignon, Pont du Gard, and other local scenery. If you're in the area (between Nimes, Avignon and Ales) it's worth a look! https://airportguide.com/airport/info/LFNU Oh, my French wasn't too hot and Christian's English was about the same, but apparently he used to drive Mirages. So you're in good hands.
  10. Because the other 99 people didn't bring it back, just either ate the tasteless oranges or threw them out, either way the supermarket makes its money. I refuse to buy meat, fruit or veg from Coles/Woolies.
  11. Hey... saint Peter... before you ring your bell... (Might have been "and" instead of "in", the pan that is.)
  12. Nobody told our raspberries!!
  13. The Romans had the most eco-friendly but possibly the worst health-wise. The public toilets were truly public (no dividing walls and all outside), and when you were finished you'd pay a small amount to have yourself wiped off with a sponge on a stick. After that the sponge went back in a bucket of water ready for the next ar*se. Not sure how often they changed the water in the bucket.
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