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  1. "Yeah Mate, you just keep stabbing me, I got plenty of time". Career criminal, multiple warrants for his arrest, charges the Policeman with a knife inflicting wound .... gets shot. Had this been a White man in Logan City, it would be page 3 down in a corner. I fully agree many situations could be talked down, other times when the Cop should just leave completely (sadly many egos won't allow that) but when a nasty young man (lets drop the "teenager" bollshot) comes at you with a knife, that's the line in the sand. After spending time in the Newell Hwy towns and South West Qld drilling, I ain't got a lot of time for Aboriginals. There's good reason those towns look like apocalyptic towns in Hollywood Zombie movies with everything barred and boarded up. speak to the local hospitals if you want to know what a town is really like. How many times we were told not to walk outside after say 7pm by our Motel managers.... We would often have our dinners at the local RSL or similar club, who would mention to you when leaving to stay together, be careful walking through the car park ect. What was a surprise was most of them agree that gangs of kids around 10 years old are the worst. On the other hand, some family members who have lived many years in Darwin, and some other people in other Central areas say they are terrific people, so who knows, maybe location or economy specific. I can only go on my own experiences.
  2. False argument, there are individual pyschopaths everywhere around the world, in every country in every culture, including Muslims. Nothing to do with the argument that some religions spur violence towards others who aren't followers of their religions.
  3. I have no idea what that means.
  4. Great incentives in China, the Government pays a quarter of your car, further tax incentitives to businesses, free parking in cities for 2 hours, Government run or Gov sponsored charger installations, besides cheap electricity because essential services (water, gas, electricity) belong to the people here, as they should everywhere (yeah right). Australia wouldn't be difficult because you don't need the large premises for servicing, it's just a sales outlet, you could even do it from a Shopping Center, just deliver the cars to people's doors. Warranty issues could be covered by Ultratune or other selected service outlets. A small out of town cheap premises for holding and distributing spare parts.
  5. It's bullshit is what it is. Over 200,000 kms in 4 cars and not one has ever been into a workshop once, EVER. Apparently BMW and Nissan to name 2, have 15,000km services, to service what exactly? Just a lie. The Tesla has had a set of wiper blades, fitted them myself, and I pump up the tyres sometimes. Oh and I fill up the washer bottle myself, I'm awesome I tell yas! Although EVs are initially more expensive, there are no service charges, tyre and brake wear are greatly increased due to linear acceleration, and regen braking. the Tesla weghs 2200kgs, but the first set of tyres went 75,000kms, and brakes look fine. in fact I barely ever touch the brakes in any EV as the regen does 80% of the braking for you. I feel sorry for the current Dealerships around the world, not sure what they are going to do as a large chunk of their income comes through service and spare parts. Because no service costs, better brake and tyre wear etc, lowered cost of fuel, the cost of an EV draws equal to an ICE after 5 to 8 years.
  6. Shock, Horror, "Gasp" said the masses ..... Now put it into it's proper Global context, thanks.
  7. bexrbetter


    Yup, they deem the public to be sheep who will do what they are told.
  8. Many 1 to 3 ton trucks around Chinese cities now, they are awesome. The EV trucks accelerate like normal cars from lights, none of this nonsense of nearly coming to a stop as they try to find second gear up a hill, and of course don't spew smoke over people walking along. Then there's the noise, the lack of it . Should be law to get rid of the diesel equivelents out of cities..
  9. Oh Electric car thread. I have owned 4 of them over the last 4+ years, daily drive in a Tesla S, 87,000 kms now, and own a Geely Emgrand EV and a BYD E5, both with 55,000kms. I sold a JAC EVi6 a few years back at 35,000kms. I also sell about 20 EVs per month now out of my Stealership. The Geely and BYDs are my Demos. I don't know everything about EVs, but I know a bit. What would you like to know?
  10. Yup, the amount of climateers around here who will thoughtlessly throw paper into the sewerage. Washing with water is brilliant, haven't had an itchy ass in the 15 years I've been in China, and the thought of me smearing, not cleaning, poo up and down my crack and then walikng around and sitting like that for 4 days until my next shower is disgusting. .. and then the same Climateers send shampoo, soaps, dishwashing water into the river systems, and now worst, recently discovered, is the plastic microbeads that are getting into the ocean from washing clothes, apprently a serious issue. Most of our grey water goes onto our vegetable garden. Also, don't wash out your toothpaste from your mouth, spit the bulk out into the bin, but don't rinse, Google it. I'm not a Greeny, but I am more green than most on a daily basis, including the electric cars I daily in for the last 4 years.. .
  11. And yet "Poor" people have it better than they ever had, EVER, in history. Google the late 1800s and the wealthy people who would dress up as poor people in London to visit the horrific conditions suffered. It was actually those trips, sometimes organised tours, that made humanitarians step up to help the (deperately) poor, leading to the societies we have today with water, sewerage, hospitals, police, electricity etc. I laugh when I see on the Internet someone screaming "Capitalism!" - while taking complete advantage of all the Socialism items mentioned there, and more, and the internet acess itself. What happens when you give ignorant people a little, they want more and mostly expect others to do it for them, and give it to them for nothing.
  12. Completely standard foundation of the general argument for Climate Change Hysterics.
  13. Even easier for you to simply Google it. For which in just mere seconds you will eventually be rewarded with "HELE power stations".
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