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  1. The internet is a wonderful resource, you just have to be smart about how you use it and how you combine it with more traditional skills. For a long time, my main passtime/hobby/endeavour has been researching/collecting Soviet/Russian/Eastern Bloc ALSE. 100% impossible without the internet. If there was no internet, I'd have to take up bowls for a hobby.
  2. One of my greatest fears would be to wake up one day in a retirement village in a mono culture of old farts, cut off from other generations. My idea of hell.
  3. Russia’s space agency, Roscosmos, has displayed as a monument the Soyuz MS-10 capsule that successfully ejected from the failed launch in October 2018. Crew members, cosmonaut Aleksey Ovchinin and U.S. astronaut Nick Hague attended the ceremony. American astronaut Nick Hague was awarded the Russian state honour, the Order of Courage at the ceremony. Aleksey Ovchinin and Nick Hague
  4. willedoo


    I don't think I'd trust them to successfully run a chook raffle. But to be fair, let's look at both sides of the coin. On the negative side, what they don't have: a surplus a healthy economy any idea what to do On the positive side, what they do have going for them:
  5. Just filled with air. Although plenty of capacity for vodka and easy to administer if the hose is still on it.
  6. This photo is not overly historic or old, but I've kept it for some time due to an interest in the odd looking vest the pilot is wearing. It was taken at Tatsinskaya training base in 1973 and the trainee pilot is Boris Bubeev. Tatsinskaya is in Russia not far from the Ukraine border and is the airfield used by the Germans in WW2 to supply their troops when they were cut off at Stalingrad. In the photo you can still see the WW2 Marston Mat used on the ramp. Training aircraft in the background is an Aero L-29. But back to the vest that's perplexed me for the last couple of years. I've never seen one like it and in 1973 there were only certain known models of life vests in use. So I've just found out that Boris made the vest himself out of a couple of sets of anti gravity suits (speed jeans), but why. The only reason I can think of is that it was done as a joke. He graduated the following year and had a long career as a flight instructor and electrical engineer .
  7. So I wonder if the Millennials are wondering if we get the meaning of some of their good new sayings.
  8. Octave, you might need to be a minimum of five or six years older. I've got a brother born in '61 and he wouldn't be familiar with too many of them. Ironically, his son was a millennial and loved the old sayings and regularly used them. Did his bit for preserving them for future generations.
  9. In this age of GoPro's, why would you bother going to this trouble. One of the parachute minders at a Russian Air Force aircrew bail out and survival class.
  10. I don't know if he's accurate in his facts, but one reviewer said that they'd hit the window 50 times previously before it broke. It certainly looks to have a low radar signature.
  11. Nev, I'm making a big assumption here, but Politicians as protected persons probably have an exemption. My logic is, why would they ban the public from having bullet proof vests, yet allow them to own a bullet proof car. If there's no existing legislation covering it, I would think they'd introduce it.
  12. If it's ever sold in Australia it would have to have a different body than the prototype. They're claiming it's bulletproof to 9mm. rounds and the glass is armoured to a certain degree. There's no way the public will ever be allowed to buy an armoured car in this country.
  13. Not sure of the accuracy, but I was reading some estimates of power consumption in the U.S. on Thanksgiving. It worked out to 350GW of electricity to roast 46 million turkeys on the day. An estimated 88 percent, or 287 million Americans eat turkey on Thanksgiving, but only 46 million cook them. So the end result was much lower overall power consumption on Thanksgiving because the remaining 241 million freeloaders are at someone else's place eating their turkeys and not at their own home using power.
  14. and this one - go like a Bondi Tram. Not being a Sydneyite, I wonder how that one came about. The old Brisbane one 'Full as a Cribb Island Bus' was explained to me once.
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