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  1. OK, typo not picked up. Valid word, so MS Word didn't underline it. My bad. It's a wonder I can type anything without mistakes on my laptop. The bloody cursor is always ending up in the next county somewhere.
  2. OME, don't you recall the parody of "Pardon me boy, is that the Chattanooga Choo Choo". Here's a pic of the aids. The right one is untouched, the left one a little less so. Maybe the cat thought it was a baby mouse.
  3. Talking about misheard words, song lyrics are notorious for it. Many people think Alanis Morriset sings "cross-eyed bear" instead of "cross I'd bear", and Samantha Armytage said she thought Jimmy Barnes sang "Cheap wine and a three-legged goat" instead of "Cheap wine and a three day growth."
  4. My daughter tells me my wife is thinking of getting headphones like that for me. My audiologist called to say I'm due for a hearing retest, and I have heating aids on order since one of our cats chewed my last ones. Maybe they will help, but I still have the problem of tinnitus, which is quite loud at times.
  5. The missus came out screaming a couple of nights ago that I had the TV too loud - I could barely hear it. I decided I would mute the sound and try captions. OK on recorded programs, where they can prepare the captions in advance, but shocking on live programs like Sunrise, etc. I'm sure they use voice recognition software to create the captions, but the caption is often 30 sec behind the action, a lot of what is said is left out, the captions flick through before you can read them, and there are so many mistakes - some real bloopers. In addition to trying to keep up, you have to try and work out what word was substituted. It's kind of like reading some of the posts in these forums. For example, on a report about the Emmy awards, Eddie talked about "members of the cast". That was captioned as "members of the crust". Makes watching TV a challenge.
  6. What's ULP91 where you are? This is the first time it has topped 1.70. It has to be top of the cycle - school holidays started yesterday.
  7. Sometimes you can get lucky. For me it happens very rarely. But it happened tonight (no, not that, keep yourself nice!) Last Wednesday, the price of petrol 91 went up from $1.29.9c/l to 1.71.9c/l. at 7eleven and our local Caltex servo. My son was driving into town and phoned to say the price at the Shell servo at Forest Hill was still at the old price. I went down there, and the Woolies Caltex behind the Shell servo was also listing 1.29/l. However, I have a Woolies rewards card with discount vouchers on it, so I got the petrol for 1.25.9c/l. On $40 worth, that;s an extra $1.25, or virtually one litre free. At the local Caltex, that $40 worth would have cost me over $53.00. Not a fortune to most, but it means a lot to me. It doesn't take much to make some people happy.
  8. My first was a Morris Isis (not the Muslim kind), then a Morris Major Elite, then a Morris Oxford. After that it was all Fords (5 Falcons and a Festiva). All but one have been pre-owned.
  9. I had a 1998 Ford Festiva which was a great little car, cheap to run and carried a surprising amount in the rear hatch with the back seat folded down, until an idiot ran into the back of it 20 months ago and insurance said it wasn't worth repairing. We called it Pixel, because the rego was PXL--- and it was small.
  10. Here's a Little Golden Book for your grandkids.
  11. Talk about stuff things up. I was close to the CBD today (only been into the CBD once in the last 5 years). I take my wife to a matinee concert at Hamer Hall on St Kilda Road, between the Arts Centre and Princes Bridge. My normal route is along Olympic Drive, between AAMI Park and Rod Laver Arena, over the Swan St Bridge and around Linlithgow Avenue to St Kilda Rd.The last couple of times Linlithgow Ave has been closed for roadworks. It is now one very narrow lane each way with kerb and post barriers down both sides to protect bicycle lanes the full width of a normal traffic lane. Cars were creeping along nose to tail, and not one bicycle in the bike lanes. Then, Southbank Blvd, at the southern end of the Arts Centre, is now also one lane each way for part of its length with a reserve for trams down the middle with grass between the tracks. At the intersection with Sturt Street, if you make a left turn into Sturt St, only 3 cars can get around because there is a set of pedestrian lights just around the corner. Can you imagine them closing down one whole block of George St in Sydney for 3 years? That's what is happening in Flinders St, between Elizabeth St and Swanston St, while they build the new underground railway.
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