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  1. Heading FOR Canberra.. Scotty's doing a press conference tomorrow.. Maybe they will do a film on this one day. Nev
  2. Last time I went around that track was about 64. I went there for a superbike meet in the mid 80's? (to watch). Nev
  3. Funny, but I bet that image has been altered. Nev
  4. You probably have an over acid stomach as I do. That protects you from a lot of bugs.. Nev
  5. Something always grows. weird mushrooms and toadstools fungi. . A bare patch is a chance for opportunistic plants. Insects eat grasses and other insects eat insects. There are myriad insects under the bark of trees that aren't hot burned.. The blackberries and lantana get further into the good stuff. Birds fly large distances and look for burned carcases. Plum and hawthorn from settled areas get into parts of the once pristine bush. Nev
  6. facthunter


    How much are you betting or is it just a term of phrase.? Rhetorical question isn't it. . Our Gov't is part time governing and full time campaigning. Didn't they sack all the Public Servants just before Christmas? Great Xmas present. There...... Public Servant ….Cop that. It'll teach you for being Unionised, voting Labor and forget your legal Mary Jane as well, (Canberra Bubblers).. Nev
  7. I read " Somewhere"! Geez Louise, we just gotta stop this " somewhere " incredibility. Even reading it in the bilby is occasionally misleading (TIC) Do you want the facts or did you read it ( here){ insert your favourite, most despised source of propaganda}). You can't even trust what you SEE. . and we won't even think of what you can dream of. Nev
  8. facthunter


    IF Scotland breaks from Britain, it stays with the EU as will Ireland. IF Britain goes with Trump they will be done over big time. Tax IT's and WE will tax Auto's. It's ALREADY started. Britain Has ( Boris) &THE Problem.. Leaving the EU is just the beginning.. No wonder Harry is leaving. Nev
  9. The regrowth is usually weeds. In the tree category it's usually wattles, blackberries. etc Latent seed carried there by birds, animals and pooped and winds, vehicles tyres.. The only way to combat bad weeds is have something else better there to out compete it. Nev
  10. Yeah I think Bertrand Russel said something like that Yenn. I'm a great admirer of GOOD teachers but they must be the correct people for the job and properly educated and equipped as well as paid properly. Person to person contact is pretty essential for it to work well. . The System must be administered thoughtfully as well. Too often stupid ideas hold back a whole generation of kids while some clown tries out a pet idea. . The BLIND cannot lead the Blind. Nev
  11. Doubt they have the heavy metal issues ash has. Road (tar) compounds are pretty iffy already. Nev
  12. Not sure designs are finalised yet . Cost of the power is still not being mentioned. I understand the brits put out a tender at about 60 somethings /MW hr to underwrite a nuclear project, when solar is about 8. You can "waste " a lot of solar/ wind ( Use it inefficiently) without much angst. Whether we go via a nationally linked network is the main issue as it has crazy costs for remote areas and is unreliable as well. Diesel (fill in/ standby)) is still having to be considered and I understand nuclear is around the same cost. Some keep talking carbon sequestration but where are any serious results? (with real cost figures). We still have ASH disposal issues. ( hardly ever mentioned). Nev
  13. Today in the trades you have the issue of who is teaching the teachers.. TAFE has been a political football. LNP call it "basket weavers" so their attitude is a bit "har farted". Going to university and getting a degree in APPLIED Science CAN produce a degree in knowing a bit about practically NOTHING. You can come out with a huge debt and no real hope of a job.. It's also often a lever (faked) to a place in the country. The whole lot needs a good looking in to. Nev
  14. Unfortunately OME, the ferals will probably gain in the balance thing. They are more mobile and adaptable. withfood etc. That's what the experts seem to think. The recovery will present unique challenges, in that respect. Nev
  15. When the market is subject to monopolies the claimed advantage of capitalism is gone . NO COMPETITION for the producer or buyer. Sound familiar? Nev
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