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  1. facthunter


    Actual Gov't DEBT at the highest ever. They altered the Legislation which capped it and sailed through about 5 years ago. Re the current LOW interest rates...IF people borrow at near zero interest to do a deal when the interest goes (inevitably) to a more natural level they will ALL have to sell their assetts if their equity isn't a high % of the value which will DROP sharply to and they can still afford to pay it off and cobv er the new interest costs. The new value will end up well below the purchase price, so the deal is not a good one.. Most see Real Estate as a "safe as Houses" investment but like all things the Market determines the PRICE and during the "Depression" everything gets very cheap. and Jobs get far between. Of Course the deeming rate is pure Highway robbery of pensioners. Unconscionable if they had one. Why not use the ACTUAL income obtained. That wouldn't be too difficult.. Nev
  2. And isn't astrology, taught as science in some places? Perhaps reading palms is too? People who don't believe in science don't care for facts and facts are not a belief based thing. IF you don't accept the "scientific Method " you are dealing yourself out of the equation. You are of course able to "believe" what you like as long as it doesn't result in adversely affecting others severely. People must be able to defend themselves from attack by whacko's who wish to eliminate them for not having the same "belief".. Nev
  3. facthunter


    The Reserve Bank have made it quite clear that lower Interest rates can do little more and other actions from the government are needed. They have hung everything on having a no budget deficit occasion despite it being the very circumstances you would choose to NOT do it. Ie the economy needs stimulating. People KNOW things are not alright and are paying off debt rather than spending big. Nev
  4. If the copper wire's that bad the rubber will be gone to god as well. I've had a few shorts happening lately where the old rubber just turns to dust. Too risky to not rewire with new wires. One bike was rewired in the 70's and done carefully at the time but it's too long if the covering is rubber. Plastic covered goes hard and splits so , I reckon 25 years at the most to be safe. with any wiring, on a vehicle. Nev
  5. The facts are Brietbart, Heartland institute and Koch bros, are what they are and everyone knows their agenda. Quoting THEM as a source of reliable information is clutching at straws. Nev
  6. Replace Chocolate with new dress , facelift. Sorry my BAD. You need to be a bit "understanding". MEN don't just judged just by their face, butt and tits. Nev
  7. The French have Bidet's and have for ages. OK is correct about which hand you use. . You shake the RH for a reason. Nev
  8. The change of velocity with the lighter vehicle as more as the lighter thing actually will go backwards with a head on. If they are equal, it's like hitting an immoveable object. Brick wall/ big tree. Nev
  9. Or an ashtray on a drag bike. Nev
  10. The Federal Pollies have them. SO it must be OK. Nev
  11. 30 days hath September, April, June and November. All the rest have 31 except February (28 & 29). Nev
  12. Depends on whether you have a tit fetish or not. Really. Nev
  13. Well for about 60, 000 years they didn't and what other "civilisation' ever lasted for anywhere near that time. GREED 's not going to bring the concept apart if things are shared. What Lawyers advise them to do today is hardly what I'm talking about and they got a bit "modified " when Cook put a flag or two in the ground and muttered a few words about some King or whatever over the other side of the world now owning the lot and it being used / suitable to dump felons and undesirables and not much else but keeping another (potential colonising) Power out. Nev
  14. You wouldn't be here, except for it. Nev
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