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  1. The Farmers Federation have gone all socialist too.? The sky is falling in chicken little. It's about making money from obsolete concepts that muck up the environment. Liberals we once environmentalists too. Now it's politicised, but never had to be. Nev
  2. We need a sense of humour, imagination and variety in more things. I suppose it's now replaced more expensively by personalised numberplates. to an extent. for want of any easier way being conjured up. People pay a lot of money to HAVE a LUXURY car. Mostly you wouldn't know what it was till you see the badge. They all look much the same and can only do the speed limit, legally, like all of them. All houses look much the same All suburbs look much the same. All shopping centres look much the same. Nev
  3. facthunter


    The difference is this is not entertainment and meant to be funny or satire. THIS is NOW happening . All we are doing now is inventing reasons to hate groups. demonise vilify and bully them. Religion is often an element or profit which has become a religion or a big part of it, for many.. The weapons we are producing are able do extremely violent things without us even being near the ones injured and killed indiscriminately and totally isolated from it.. It's now just a nasty GAME for Power. Weapons SALES is big business and it doesn't matter who gets to buy them, really. We are involved in weapons sales, thanks to Pyne. We also have blood on our hands going to wars based on a pack of lies . Nev
  4. facthunter


    Good sales pitch Buy MY stuff or you get excommunicated or obliterated. They are ALL stark raving MAD. Nev
  5. Those Festiva's were built wrong . They don't seem to wear out. The Vauxhall was a GM car and actually an Opel. Not something I'd seek to own. Nev
  6. I don't expect the Sco Mo "quiet Australians" will say much. Aren't THEY the average bloke? Talking of aero stories and their drivers, I've found the average bloke who flew fighters etc if they do go into print write a good (true) story. They didn't get high hours in the modern sense and often were the only survivor of a fair sized group. Nev
  7. Wild Pigs are a bit risky for human consumption. Nev
  8. Can't help you there Phil. While I do sometimes get attached to a car, (or VAN) that I've done many hard miles in. I've not given them names since a few Volkswagens (Beetles) way back which I referred to as Hitler's revenge, (the superbug) or a Roll Your Own.(The earlier one). Nev
  9. Why do we believe any denier who is working in or profits from the coal industry.? Coal is almost pure carbon so makes much more CO2 than the mass of coal mined, but also releases other unwanted contaminants in the smoke and ash that were trapped in the sediments millions of years ago. Seepage from Vales Point ash now makes eating fish caught in Lake MacQuarie advised against., . Temp measurements are done all over the world reliably. Suggesting that many of them are faked is rubbish. CO2 has been monitored at many places and it passed 400 PPM a considered critical point,years ago. Ocean acidity also..... It's extent and effects on plankton and marine life is not questioned.. I have spent time in the past going over stuff from "selected" experts Like Plimer etc and they all have seriously FLAWED theories as well as motives Not just MY conclusion. OTHER real experts pull his theories apart. I gain no benefit from acknowledging the Climate issues I wish it wasn't happening, but I DO together with 97% of qualified climate orientated peer group reviewed scientists. The same sort of qualified people you trust all the time for advice on issues (bar religion) we accept in all relevant matters many times everyday of our lives . The war on Scientists is a disgrace but an essential part of the misinformation effort by those who wish to keep profiting regardless of the consequences for the Planet and the rest of us. and it PROVES to me the weakness of their Case that it's necessary to discredit those who would know the facts. Nev
  10. facthunter

    What the holes for

    If you have a direct injecting ( into combustion space), petrol engine. (the most high tech engines ever) you could be up for a bit. if they Kark it. Diesels need good fuel filters and NO water in the fuel. These pumps are precision stuff. Nev
  11. You are entitled to your own beliefs, but not your OWN facts. Plenty are peddling lies for advantage and profit. That's FRAUD. Nev
  12. Slightly stretching credibility but sort of humorous.. It's dark in here... Nev
  13. it's the way they chew and digest their food isn't it, that produces methane (not from Pharting, but belching) which is about a 20x worse greenhouse gas than CO2? Nev
  14. What the government "do" is funded by taxes and charges. Private enterprise isn't exactly covering itself with glory lately either and they do it for profit so that goes onto the price. The theory is "have" competition and they all compete like mad (Just like the oil companies, Ha ha, and that drives prices down. Most capitalists these days go for the best monopoly they can organise and remove small businesses from the scene, and establish FRANCHISES. which nearly kill the operator with rotten conditions.. All advertising goes onto the price so an article if it's out there and loud everywhere, better hope they sell lots of the article or you are paying much too much for it. Everyone who touches any article "touches" you The landed cost of some imports is often less than 10% of what you pay for it. You are still paying full "Quality price for some pretty ordinary stuff (JUNK). Hard to buy a bolt you could use in your plane and trust it to be reliable.
  15. Trees are special. Without them it gets hotter (locally) you get more salt rising and they MAKE OXYGEN and WOOD from Carbon dioxide and lovely critters live in them. All we seem to do is bulldoze them and burn the residue and we get weeds and erosion.. 2/3rds of our agriculture is exported and we are short of WATER. We are losing arable land fast. We have little topsoil and almost no soil carbon, and still get duststorms because we pulverise the soil.. DUMB and grreedy. Nev
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