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  1. The CLEAN Coal thing has been around for a long time and a lot of money has been poured into it. IF it was a real goer it would be being adopted far and wide as quickly as could be done.The COSTS of sequestering a gas like CO2 from power stations is prohibitive even IF the gases could be reasonably certain to stay where they have been put without doing any harm.. I would welcome the success of something like this as would most concerned people. Critical Coal power stations are expensive and not flexible. The costs for these projects are "out there. It's not all top secret and comparisons can be made. Energy storage and flexibility is the most important issue. and connectivity (the GRID) if one is going to persist with a concept of CONNECTING large areas of a Vast and often sparsely settled Continent. Well currently we exclude Western Australia. so what does that mean? Nev Nev
  2. My information is that the "aborigines" them selves only went on to it for rare and special significance occasions. Yes the aborigines do have MANY rules about women and who can marry who, Initiations etc and it's the rules they did live by for a very long time. Their paintings are often representative maps showing paths waterholes and meeting places. Like our older "Shell road maps". How well did whitefella react when Adam Goodes made a sign on the "HOLY Ground" of an AFL football field, against racism.. Who's being precious? Yes also evil spirits are considered to be in some places and rainbow serpent is not one to trifle with.. What's so different between that and pentecostalism? "We are in the last days" , stuff (as an example). Nev
  3. Must be for a show and tell session. As for the awe. Its awe, it's bloody hot here, wish I was at the beach and could have a dip. Not at Darwin either. Too many bitey's. and sandflys.. Nev
  4. Trumps strategies are very high risk and no one stays very long in his employ. Everyone but him is a liar (according to him). He appears to have the language comprehension skills of a disinterested 4 year old chronic drug addict and has never read a (book he says so himself) and that is possible too. The chances of him not getting caught by some outrageous activity and not becoming a national embarrassment is remote to impossible, one would think. ..Nev
  5. It's done often by a lot of them . It seems they have to have some "visual" to back up a voice. No It's not a mistake unless it's one of policy.. They think it won't be picked up. You will probably get this more and more as the money is removed from the establishment and media profits dwindle. Nev
  6. The denialists seem to be able to jump on a single statement (often out of context) far quicker than anyone else, in my observation and get the headlines more easily. Our problem is not what will happen to the world in the next 1,000 years. It's how to get through what appears to be changes for the worst in a relatively short term(perhaps 50 years). and things like ice melting in Tibet where water to about 1/2 the world's population is affected. Farmers are now realising that it's happening as they keep records over what is now significant periods. We are getting EXTREME EVENTS more often, which was predicted 40 years ago but we have a constant supply of people arguing that all of that is not connected to global warming, on the technicality that any individual WEATHER situation is not (necessarily) a climate event. and ignore what to most rational and science trained people would be real evidence of a predicted TREND. When EVERYONE knows it's a fact will be far too late. People who are profitting from the current Status Quo can hardly be trusted to advise us of the facts if it's costing them money. BHP must be a mob of deceivers also and many of the Insurance companies who have to deal with real risks are just making it up.???? They survive by assessing risks. Superfunds also are long term, not the next couple of years which seems to the timespan for most investments by "Equity" Groups. Nev
  7. Barramundi used to be like that X tonnes caught 2 X tonnes sold. Now it's like "everywhere " and cheap. I call it Mekong Mudfish (but still eat it. but rate it less) Nev.
  8. People here on any pension are in the FAR que. and are the enemies of the "quiet" Australians who Dog uses to work his Miracles to bless Morrison.. Nev
  9. Well I'm really glad some are concerned. It's always given me the irits. On the way to the Farm (Lake Boga) a car passed and dumped a heap of stuff out the window and I phoned the police in the town ahead (Kerang) and they apprehended them and laid charges, Switzerland and Germany are clean places (or were when last I went there).. Nev
  10. A true test of any kind of behaviour is what would happen if "everybody" did it. Many Empires were built on outright theft and domination( murder,theft on a grand scale, slavery,bullying.). and they did it because there was no one to stop or oppose them. Might is right only if you are the one with the might. Trump thinks he's a something superior, once only, messianic, genius but that's not what he looks like or IS. His tenure as POTUS may well be unique and remarkable but there's every chance it will be an unmitigated disaster not just for the US but the world. The POWER to brain cells ratio is totally out of whack. America now has NOTHING to show the world as an example of how things should be. It's a MODEL for NOTHING worthwhile and CANNOT be trusted to behave well. when it's for self interest and nothing else. No universal guiding principle(s) no concern for the Planet. The last vestage of a Scoundrel is PATRIOTISM they say very appropriately. Nev
  11. ALL of Australia should be a sacred site. Don't throw bottles, cans, containers, car bodies and $#!T everywhere you barbarians and expect other s to pick it up after you. As a late teens person I did a lot of bushwalking and "WE" had a rule of leave no evidence of being there which involved burning any tins and burying them and they would rust away quickly. No Glass to break and injure people, Clean seeds etc from shoes and clothes. Pretty much everywhere you go you see rubbish. WE are the rubbish. You reap what you sow. Nev
  12. Jerry, My sources are usually correct. Why wouldn't he run that line? He is a noted LIAR though so perhaps the message is tailored to the situation and audience. Trump has it( Unified thread system) and the whole of the US accepts it. I reckon it costs them heaps on the trade side. Perhaps using your brain is Un American too.. Have you EVER seen some one like Trump who appears to be so challenged intellectually (and educationally. He says he's never read a book. I don't find that hard to believe) in anything like such a position of POWER as he's in? He can claim to be elected to and says... IF he's dismissed it will start a Civil War.. . I wonder how a psychological assessment would go? . Nev
  13. Climbing it is one thing . Sticking a flag in the ground is what starts the arguments. Personally I think the Grampians beats Uluru hands down and is far more extensive and reacts to weather storms etc in spring and has Aboriginal paintings etc The NT Government originally "developed" Uluru to become what it is today which is in many ways not a REAL experience . My Guide on a trip along the base was from Katherine. (isn't eveybody?). I think the response from most I met there was well I've seen that essentially implying and "I won't need to do it twice". Its very expensive and you could even buy a new outfit (clothes, not motorcycle) much the same as one could in Canberra. Nev
  14. Before we fed them junk food and infected them with imported diseases they were quite fine physical specimens. Some of them still walk long distances and don't want a lift when you see them "way out there".. Alcohol doesn't do much for many races, if one is honest about it, even though it's been around for thousands of years. For some a keg is not enough and a glass is too much. Nev
  15. As long as you are OK, Red. Nev
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