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  1. I went to Uluru for the first time 5.5 years ago. Something about the place touched me in a way I had never felt before. Instead of my planned 2 days there, I spent 5 days. I walked around it, rode around it and studied it from every place that I could find. I actually went looking for local people to talk to them about it. Having grown up in an area that had a large indigenous community and having best mates who were indigenous I felt strangely connected to the local people at Uluru. I was treated so well and given so much of the local story of the area and taken to places that I had walked past but not seen that I left being even more in awe of the place. I left feeling that had I wanted to climb then I would have been welcomed to by the local elders. Having said that, I left also feeling absolutely no urge to climb it even if my body at the time would have allowed it. I have no trouble believing that in is one of many sacred sights within a days walk, and I could easily go back and spend another 5 days and still feel as though I had more to learn. Uluru was also the 2nd step on my flying journey, 50 years after my 1st step, but that is a different story.
  2. It must be something in the air so to speak. We have 2 resident Kookaburras which the willy Wag Tails are happy to annoy the crap out of. Today as I was hand feeding 1 Kookie he was dive bombed by a Pee Wee. It is not the first time I have seen a Pee Wee get aggressive, but it certainly a rare enough occurrence to rate a mention. The Kookies sit on my back fence and from time to time I will let them have a very small piece of my dogs meat treat, much to the dogs disgust. They will let me walk up to them but will not eat from my hand whilst they are sitting. However if I stand still long enough, the larger one will come and take a piece out of my hand on the fly. It is quite a feeling.
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