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  1. Spooks

    Republican win

    "Lies, damned lies, and statistics"
  2. Spooks

    Republican win

    Who hijacked the Daily Mail? Unusually non-hateful for them
  3. Well most people call me a cock
  4. Spooks

    Republican win

    The sneering response to Trump’s victory reveals exactly why he won | Coffee House This is a good read. I think it explains the shock at both Britain voting to leave the EU and the Trump victory
  5. Spooks

    Republican win

    If you splice Obama and Trump, you'd end up with President Camacho
  6. Spooks

    Republican win

    Yet if it was the other way around they'd be telling Trump supporters "that's democra.....democrac.....demowcrasss.......something y'alllllllll" I feel sorry for the Yanks not voting for the other candidates and really shaking up the system. Libertarian chap sounded pretty good and was preferable to the two loons promoted by the media.
  7. I don't get this "women create life" nonsense. They make an egg that is useless without a male to fertilise it, that is it (ok they squeeze something the size of a football out of a small gap later on) Men on the other hand, for the most part we create billions of lives (albeit many of those end up on a tissue, sock etc......) MALE POWER!
  8. Spooks

    Republican win

    What's wrong with bear arms you commie?
  9. Spooks

    Republican win

    Start a twitter hashtag campaign and encourage foot stamping and huffpuffing of "it's not fair, I only like democracy when it gives the result I want and I am not accepting this" At least I finally have a six pack. The ab workout from laughing at the "oh noes it is not fair" Facebook posts and the posters trying to out-"I'm offended" each other has done a fine job:rofl:
  10. P.S you might like this link Some of the amazing things you can get in chip shops around the UK and Ireland - BBC Three A brief article on the random things we deep fry in the UK To think that people question why the world is getting fatter
  11. Wasn't "Scraps n Chips" was it? I just remembered feeling a bit baffled a number of years ago when my friend ordered it (he is a Yorkshireman). It is the scraps of batter mixed with chips.
  12. Did it sound like T'fish T'haddock T'cod T'pie They speak a devolved form of English in Yorkshire
  13. The guardian is a joke. So much so that the following Twitter account is the source of much amusement So.Much.Guardian (@SoMuchGuardian) on Twitter But in all honesty, most of the time I'm not sure whether the Guardian are serious or not
  14. Here is a non-Grauniad link so you don't have to suffer their pretentious drivel https://www.ft.com/content/e72be378-a0ee-11e6-891e-abe238dee8e2 The curry sector backed Brexit and were hoping for easing of immigration restrictions. Currently a non-EU migrant needs to earn about £30k a year to work here. To be honest I am not sure why they need to import workers, plenty of people work as chefs in the U.K. and could be retrained in Indian cuisine.
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