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  1. Too true. The criteria might change, but the underlying reasons for applying the criteria remain.
  2. Look at the Japanese on Okinawa. Not only suicides amongst the military, but vast numbers of civilians died, many as the result of their believing the propaganda that the Yanks would rape and slaughter. The difficult decision that Truman had to make was the approve the deaths of potential enemy combatants and reduce deaths and casualties amongst his own, or to suffer the deaths of many more from both sides, including Japanese civilians and Allied POWs, if the Japanese Homelands were invaded. As General Patton said to his troops in Europe in 1944, "You don't win a war by dying for your country. You win a war by making the other bastard die for his." And of course the Yanks have been the only ones to have used the atomic bomb. The two bombs on Japan did their task in ending the fighting. As soon as everyone saw the devastation atomic bombs could cause and compared that to the devastation of HE bombs, they realised that these bombs could not be used safely for the country which did use them. From the start of the Cold War until the present, atomic weapons have become the new sabre that militarist countries rattle at each other. But just look at the deaths caused by "conventional" weapons in that period.
  3. They were all International Companies which found it in their interests to pay their workers in Asia a bowl of rice per day rather than Australians a kilo of snags. But what about other industries? We used to have a good boot and shoe making industry; clothing (remember Fletcher Jones & Co; Crystal Shirts, Joseph Dahdah and Co?); Wunderlich decorative ceiling panels; Sunshine Harvester; foundries, leather works; Email Ltd. All gone!
  4. It wasn't those on the bottom of the pile who gave away their assets. It was those leaders who got a good cut of the deal who sold their countries down the river. And if it looked like the sh|t-kickers were going to oust the corrupt leaders, the corrupt leaders called in their militarily superior mates to put the kickers back in their place. Australia is the Lucky Country because our Robber Barons have not called in the Heavies to stop the Commoners running the Barons out of town on rail.
  5. There seems to be only one religion that apparently espouses "supporting the sword, warfare and noble death". All others that we might class as Modern, ie founded during the Late Bronze Age, seem to have peaceful co-existence as one of their tenets. Some civilisations might be called "warlike" due to their expansionist territorial actions, but until we can discover and decipher their theological texts we won't know if "Church and State" went hand-in-glove in this expansionism. Who has studied the theologies of the New World peoples to determine how much their theologies directed their politics?
  6. The basic philosophy of Christianity said to be presented by Christ and as recorded in the four Gospels is probably the best philosophy to follow as its core policy for interacting with others is respect for the needs of others. And the content of those four Gospels should be the sole source of guidance for Followers of Christ. Not the Epistles. Not the Acts. Not Papal Bulls. Not Jesuit theological writings. Too much ill has been done in this World by false prophets who manufacture and manipulate Spiritual codes of conduct of Christianity for Temporal gains. Apart from reports of Christ telling people to "Go, and sin no more", the only two direct commands Christ gave to his followers were, at the Last Supper, And he took bread, and gave thanks, and broke it, and gave unto them, saying, This is my body which is given for you: this do in remembrance of me. And after the Resurrection “Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to the whole creation. There are no dietary rules in the Gospels. There are no descriptions of elaborate ceremonies, save the Eucharist. Everything else that is associated with membership of a Christian Church has been created by its adherents.
  7. Keating said, in 1986: In the 1970s … we became a third world economy selling raw materials and food and we let the sophisticated industrial side fall apart … If Australia doesn’t deal with these fundamental problems, then you are gone. You are a banana republic. He was warning against the dangers of relying on mining and primary product for our export earnings. In the event, it was the excesses of the 1980s that brought the economy undone. The recession of 1990 followed the stock market collapse of October 1987 and was caused by international recession and high interest rates. Household budgets felt the pinch. Perhaps the affordability of spaghetti and minced meat contributed to the growing adoption of spaghetti bolognese as one of our national dishes.
  8. It has become a common theme in political debates to blame oil and the World's oil companies for "peace-keeping interventions" for political instability in many countries. But the oil companies are the Johnny-come-lately's to the commercial manipulation of countries whose economies rely on Primary production. We know from History of the Dutch trading monopoly in the East Indies, and the way that England's East India Company changed the political systems of the Sub-Continent, but the champions of commercial intervention were, and are, the companies which control bananas. You've heard of the term "banana republic"? “Banana republic” is defined as a derogatory term meaning “a small nation, especially in Central America, dependent on one crop or the influx of foreign capital”. The first of these was born in 1899 when the American corporation United Fruit Company (UFCO), brain child of money-hungry tycoons Minor C. Keith and Andrew W. Preston, came to Guatemala and gave support to its most repressive dictators, Manuel Estrada Cabrera. By striking deals and helping the dictator, the United Fruit Company gained massive profit and power in its Guatemalan locations; within two years the company had even been hired by Guatemala’s government to manage the country’s national postal service. The UFCO continued riding this wave of corruption and underhanded deals, and under Guatemala’s next dictator had gained control of 42 percent of the land in the country, was tax exempt, and had freedom from all import duties (due in part to the fact that it owned Guatemala’s largest shipping port). In addition, the corporation now owned the country’s telephone and telegraph system and almost all of the railroad track within its borders. The country was enjoying the new stabilization and happily welcomed Arévalo’s democratically appointed successor Jacobo Arbenz a few years latertive change was long overdue, and the Guatemalan Revolution of 1944 (also known as the October Revolution), demonstrated what some call Guatemala’s “first true election,” with the appointment of Juan José Arévalo. Arbenz was dedicated to the betterment of his country, but made a fatal error – opposing the ever-imposing United Fruit Company. the UFCO returned to its supporters in the U.S. looking for revenge. This was incredibly easy, as a large number of players in the government had holdings in the company. Among them was Secretary of State John Foster Dulles, whose New York law firm Sullivan & Cromwell actually represented UFCO. His brother, Allen Dulles, had served on the UFCO Board of Trustees, and had also just been appointed director of the newly created CIA. Even the public relations officer of the United Fruit Company had government ties as the husband of President Eisenhower’s private secretary. Thus, the newly functioning CIA dove into Operation PBSUCCESS, a covert mission with ends to remove Arbenz from office. Skip the first 9 minutes 20-odd seconds of this video and watch it from 9:23 to see how UFCO used its influence in Washington to have US Forces control the politics of one of these 'banana republics". https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h8vTt9Y1mkQ
  9. One of the great disappointments of the study of pre-Roman Britain is that there are no written records of the mythology of Ancient Britains. All we have are the writings of the Romans, and we all know that the story told by the victors is not "the Truth; the whole Truth, and nothing but the Truth". You can only surmise so much from the physical things we expose by digging in the ground, and what we surmise is affected by pre-conceived notions. Were the "Dark Ages" centuries of violence, or do we only hear the war stories?
  10. One of the first comments in the Black Pigeon video was that women are "biological creatures" with an underlying aim of reproducing and protecting their offspring. Equally, men are "biological creatures" with an underlying aim to have as much copulation as possible. Females are very choosy in allowing males to mate with them. They will gravitate to the male who shows the greatest ability to provide protection for the female and the offspring. In order to maintain the relationship with her "perfect" male, the female will grant favours in a number of different ways to the male. Males, hoping to increase the number of copulations, either with the same female, or as many females they can attract, use physique as well as actual and symbolic protective behaviours to keep females in their sphere of influence. Civilisation has created rules and modes of behaviour that hold the males' reproductive behaviour in check. Civilisation has also replaced physique and the more violent protective behaviours with things like wealth (which enables food and housing to be provided) and leadership. Now we live in an age where women seek out rich men, and men who can wield power (actually or apparently) on whom to grant favours. Is it any wonder then, that in societies where the members decide who are the leaders either in finance or government, certain women will make be more forward in breaking the rules governing mating behaviour with society's leaders? So Bob, Bill and Don were offered on a plate what every other male in the society wanted - copulation with more than one woman. Campaigners for "Me too" and "Take back the Streets" are doing admirable work that deserves the support of all. Unfortunately, there is a coterie of women who are white-anting the goals of the campaigns.
  11. Oh! It's "i-pah-nah". "Don't wait to be told, 'You need Palmolive Gold'." When was the last time you heard a caller say that a Rugby League player gave another a "Don't argue"? His face has a smile like the entrance to Luna Park.
  12. I wonder why we say "iparner" when it's spelled "i-pan-a"
  13. Yesterday I was driving a group of young people to a party. Two of the blokes by chance were wearing the identical trousers and casual shoes and almost identical shirts with blue stripes. I said they looked like Bobbsey Twins. They didn't have a clue what I referring to. One just said, "I'm B1 and he's B2."
  14. Brusha, brusha, brusha With the new Ipana.
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