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  1. Some people! They ask for water, you give them soup and they refuse! What is the world coming to!
  2. Arlo Guthrie wrote a song (probably many songs, actually) called "The Motorcycle Song". He refers to writing this song while going over a cliff on his motorbicycle, "put a new ink cartridge in my pen". I noticed that one version changed that phrase - nobody knew what he was on about!
  3. The reason there are 2 pictures is that it gives you a good excuse to have a real hard look (to check for differences) without incurring (much) wrath from the other half. Incidently, does anyone know how to fix stuffups when you accidently put 2 pictures on the same post? David
  4. There is a story going around about a tradesman who was putting the finishing touches to a WC in a country town Police Station - including the paper holder. As he inspected the job, he realised, it being a longer than usual cubicle, there was no point in mounting it on the door as it would be impossible to reach. He returned to his vehicle to exchange the timber fastenings for masonry drills and other gear needed to complete the job - only to discover his car had been booked. It got mounted on the door.
  5. 2 of my favourite quotes. "If you were my husband I would poison your tea" "Madam, if I were your husband I would drink it" and .... "Traditionally, most of our imports come from overseas" David
  6. Terramungamine was the name of a very large property in this area, the last scrap of it was adjoining our place. The owner, a local all-round Good Bloke (really!), Max Walters, advised me NOT to use Terramungamine in my address, as we shared the surname he would get our bills. Well, Max got older and moved on, then unfortunately passed on. Shortly after, the Geographical Names Board decided to put a name on every second paddock, and we now reside in Terramungamine. Without having to move. With the Coolbaggie Dry Creek marked on the map but not otherwise in evidence. Mind you, have just checked our rain gauge, it has 2mm in it!
  7. I don't understand what you are on about, OME. Now, I find it frustrating when checking the price of hairbrushes.
  8. Phil, you keep on blowying us away.
  9. I wood have thought it wood be treemendus!
  10. David2ayo

    Quickies part 2

    Mary had a little lamb. The midwife was surprised. But when McDonald had a farm, she couldn't believe her eyes!
  11. Peter, to err is human, but to really stuff it up use a computer. David
  12. Did the dog lick it up, or just take one sniff and move on?
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