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  1. Need a new emoji to rate this one. It stinks!
  2. You get one life so LIVE IT !

  3. And more hints of catastrophe...(sorry) https://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-11-25/marine-heatwaves-threaten-oyster-industry-great-barrier-reef/11726630
  4. Thanks for posting. I just posted the link to the thread 'NSW 737 fire bomber..'
  5. I have heard of many instances of Aussie families, wrecked by a single son (or daughter) overcome with drug problems, leaving them living in enormous fear of their lives. The media ramp up fear because a fearful population is easily controlled. There have been over 75 separate pieces of "anti terror" legislation passed since 11th November. 2002. These are responsible for our individual freedoms ( even to the extent of fencing off the lawns over PH in Canberra) being strictly curtailed. Where is the greatest threat to our freedoms originating? From our "democratic" overlords.
  6. Come on Spacey! Even from you this is a bit of a stretch. How many gunmen, quoting verse from the Qoran have you had on your door step FFS!
  7. We who have been conditioned to fear socialism (via union and welfare bashing) are blind to the "elephant in the room". Slavery, a practice that we all thought so abhorrent, has reared its ugly head. Not only through young women secretly imported for sex slavery, but in the form of the gig economy and Newstart dependent older workers and disabled no longer able to get meaningful employment. Feudalism is the new direction that the powerful have set for our kids and grandchildren.
  8. How many of us think it would be ok to take a walk up Dunrossil Drive. to take a $h1t on the land around Yaralumla? How about Kirribilli House? Good view from there I reckon Cuz. I think that if you wouldn't like me climbing your roof to "'av a bit of a look around", why would you want the people who live in central Australia to put up with us?
  9. I think that Col died testing an experimental rig designed to scoop water into a fire bombing a/c whilst in flight. Not a detailed memory but?...
  10. The most unpopular thing about unions is the required union dues. Australians don't see the small percentage added to each purchase that pays the producer's BCA fees etc. Workers must realise that their employer belongs to an employer's federation which opposes the unions. Bosses know that they need to have an organisation to lobby government and act in industrial disputes. They are, in this sense, far more sophisticated than their workers. I think that capitalist political parties are also more sophisticated than the labour arm. This is why they win the majority of elections and have the strongest voice in politics.
  11. See if you can get the modern Labor Party to oppose any of the nonsense happening in the Gulf or the South China Sea! No way.
  12. Col Paye restored a Spitfire. When asked would he do it again he replied that restoring one was enough. They were an extraordinarily complex bird.
  13. When was the old age pension "done away with"? I know that under the 2-party dictatorship that we misname 'democracy' in Oz, the qualifying age has been increased but it is still there for any citizen to access. We can see that people are able to artificially manipulate their state of financial affairs to "bend the rules" so that some wealthy grafters get more than their fair share. I am more dismayed at the fact that people who have little chance, regardless of their willingness, to land a paying job are shafted by the poverty trap known as 'Newstart Allowance". We who have been fortunate enough to have had permanent employment with super can fund our own retirement. People who have lots of money can invest in shares and double dip by claiming the fraudulent tax credit imputation scam bought in by the (alledged) war criminal, John Howard.
  14. They don't have to raid anything! They are able to spend money (as they do on, for example, submarines, F-35's or $1/2bn for the barrier reef boondoggle) simply by raising the deficit( as they have been doing) since they got in over 6 yrs ago. If spending on pensions, or any other social program, such as the Newstart allowance or single mothers, they will reap much more from taxation (remember the GST - 10% on most consumption). Again... the federal spending is NOT like a household budget.
  15. Australia is at a disadvantage because many believe that a nation's economy is equivalent to household finance. Government's budgets don't need to balance or produce a surplus to be effective. Government spending needs to be 'anti-cyclical'. They need to spend in the slack times and to restrict activity when times are good. This injects money, enabling a stimulus to activity when down and also dampens excessive activity when thing are going gangbusters. Morrison's zeal for surpluses will lead to the opposite result that we need as the economy trends down. Until the enthusiasm for surplus or balanced budgets is corrected we will be at the mercy of poor decisions.
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