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  1. PM is right to make these points; we need skeptics as much as we need honest researchers, because even scientists have been guilty of following the pack. Also, we cannot blame every variation in our coastlines or weather on climate change. But. Can we really afford to argue the point for another decade? Australia is already miles behind because of our government's paralysis over energy policy. We have all seen the devastation our species has caused to this planet and the damage is accelerating. Anyone who thinks we can go on as we have been, and who doubts our capacity to bugger up the place is seriously in denial. It's time to cast out the lobbyists and give our salaried scientists the respect they deserve.
  2. A great antidote for despair about our future: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=DStyQrfKM9k#fauxfullscreen So why is there nothing about this in the news?
  3. Spot on, Ancient One. In the district where I grew up the white fellas had a favourite swimming hole, the surrounds of which were sometimes trashed with tinnies and beer bottles. Few of them knew or cared that this was a sacred site for the original people.
  4. The psychological parallels with Hitler are ominous. When total defeat was obvious, Der Fuhrer sent little boys out to fight Soviet tanks while he hid in his bunker. Will Trump condemn his country to destruction just to protect his position?
  5. How to maximise the Ulura experience? Not fly in. Even driving in is probably too quick to allow a real sense of awe for the place. Walking around it and admiring it from different angles and at different times of day might be best. Why do white fellas have to climb everything?
  6. A great pioneer. We owe a great debt to soviet cosmonauts and the enormous industry behind them. The simple technology they developed is still the only way anyone can get up to the ISS.
  7. Misuse a weapon and the other team finds a way around it. Trump is just speeding up the demise of the mighty US$. Because the US has been abusing its dominance of the global payments system to bully other countries, several are developing alternatives. When that happens, the American economy will be on the ropes because no longer will the rest of the world be forced to subsidising them.
  8. Nope. Not an ibis. Legs and neck too short. I guess it was either lost or scouting for new territory. It got hounded out of here, so it could be headed to Narellan Vale...
  9. I agree, Willeedoo. Trump found it very easy to tarnish the image of Biden, but it seems no amount of scandal, incompetence or corruption will worry Trump's supporters. Today's news confirms for me that he isn't there to "drain the swamp". As just another reptile, the current president has done what the US is so good at: using alliances of convenience to do their dirty work, then casting their friends to the wolves. For over a century the Kurds have suffered broken promises from western powers, but cling to their hope of a Kurdish state, free from suffering under murderous regimes. They defeated the evil IS and saved perhaps millions of their neighbours from slavery and murder. Kurdish-held areas stand out as islands of stability amid a region of insanity. Yet the Americans are abandoning them. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-middle-east-49956698
  10. -and will probably be much smaller after Brexit, as the Scots and Irish break free.
  11. This morning I witnessed a fascinating alliance of bird species around my house. Two currawongs, occasional visitors that normally attract a ferocious response from our resident Willy-wagtails, were chasing a strange bird I have never seen before. The visitor had a stork-like honk, but in flight I took it to be a type of hawk. It's bill disproved that notion; long and ugly, it resembled a tropical fruit-eater. The poor bugger struggled from tree to tree, trying to shelter from the relentless attacks by three pairs from different species. I've had pee-wees and willies living around me for most of my life, but this is the first time I've seen the delicate, wimpy little pee-wees go on the offensive. They normally rely on the energetic little Willy-wagtails to defend the territory they share. They drove at the poor visitor, then had a go at the currawongs for old time's sake. The willies filled in the spaces the larger birds couldn't reach until the stranger decided this was not a nice place to be. This looks to be the one: https://blogs.crikey.com.au/northern/2017/11/19/return-storm-bird-channel-billed-cuckoo-comes-south-summer/ https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Channel-billed_cuckoo
  12. I've got to admit that some of our grubby leaders do have their uses: they provide great inspiration for political cartoonists. Since I gave up paper editions I've missed some of the best commentary, like this gem from the morning after Trump was elected: https://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-10-04/cartoonist-david-rowe-on-donald-trump-scott-morrison-and-satire/11566888
  13. Old Koreelah


    One element of war theory is limiting escalation. Wiping out their eyes and ears (e.g. Pine Gap) renders them blind, increasing the risk of a disproportionate response, leading to Total War.
  14. The greater public's approach to conservation is far from unbiased. Horses and deer- ferals doing massive damage- are protected, while we do nothing as less attractive natives decline and die out.
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