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  1. Hey mods you deleted my post and yet you let a phrase go and did not delete double standards the phrase is highly offensive to me Neil
  2. Storchy, may pay to read the post first. He was not casting disparaging remarks on you or the brave men who served. All kudos and respects to those of us who did. ...mod
  3. yen check out your facts on veitnam you are lying I was there the shit I copted went I got back from the paresites off this country that protested against us is another story don't start you shit with nam neil
  4. hey phil somewhere over there is a police photo of knifes that police have removed from people in the photo is a spoon the spoon according to me mate must be a cereal killer neil
  5. since the election was called I have been on the ground door nocking letter box dropping and at a prepoll booth have been abused told to get a job that that f/w wont get in and the most of the crap came from take a stab in the dark yep if you said labor and the greens YOU are the winner :gaah:so it just goes to show the mentality of the sheep the followed shorten and dr de idiot according to shorten and greens many who have saved and put money away for that rainy day have to give it to the bludgers the persons that vote labor or greens should have a sighn on the gate saying that they want more taxes more costly electricity genital mutalation oh by the way me mates wife who has a mouth cancer HAS PAID OUT OF POCKET expences zero neil
  6. oh dear scot wins the towels are on there way for those off you that are crying go scot and by the way your free solar panel and wind turbines are on there way out neil
  7. oh sheeeet out hear you just sack the persons that disagree with you take peter ridd for instance the reef aint dead what modelling are they using as to so called climate change kg wheather patterns are changing and have for millions of years that is a fact as for me in ten years I will still be here to piss you scare mongering sheep off when you have people adjusting the tempeture to read lower temps to make a case for warming shore make sence for a hotter area how about Canada getting on the climate change band wagon and burning it thank you oh no that's not on for the sheep bloody 97% of scientists prove what that weather patterns are changing waky do i have noticed it so it has never been 47 degrees in burke until now neil
  8. so you want that 1000 dollars back when you don't pay any tax I and quite a number off tax payers have paid tax that is double what some wage earners have grossed yeh that's right get real 3000 dollars as a maximum for you to claim for an accountant get real oh by the way vote labour /greens and pay more tax that scum labour will and are going after your hard earned money its in their policy neil
  9. well please explain the battery disposal when it is no longer serviceable what are the contents of battery ? copper is reguired how much ? neil
  10. if you want that piece of crap jillyane assahole back in this country you have and are the problem so why wont he face his accusers of rape you condone rape I pity your women for pubilishing those stolen documents he has no respect for any country let that turd rot in the garbage where he belongs neil
  11. gee SA not the place to start a business bruce a 650 million dollar has fallen over after getting 110 million dollars from the government oh don't worry neil
  12. no space not an oopsy at all from paper work from agl neil
  13. where is the power coming from to charge your batteries COAL that lying shorten on the cancer scheme it is all free NOW you sheep better start asking your idiot leader what is the COST his con on climate change it HAS not been costed about 90% or more off the power you are using tonight is from COAL I am waiting for the vilification of my opinion neil
  14. no nev for 257 x 52 = my money not yours neil
  15. storchy neil


    Yenn you another person that did your home work I could not believe that the government could be so stupid as to pay us 50 cents a kwh back to the grid AGL have added another 23 cents to that giving me 713 cents back to grid 50 cents that was their costing as to what solar would be on the consumer at that time neil
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