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  1. When you travel through Asia you notice very few milk products in the supermarkets and 7 elevens, they really don't have much of a dairy industry. New Zealand and Australian powdered milk are very sought after. If you want to take a gift to a friend in Asia, take them some high quality Aussie powdered Milk.
  2. Viplus Dairy Sth Gipsland doing very well. Makes 40,000 bags powdered milk and 30,000 tins Baby Formula per DAY, most going to China. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-09-26/flooding-rains-infant-milk-demand-buoy-regional-dairy-industry/11549534
  3. 2019 Mining contributed AUD$37.875 Billion 2nd qtr to GDP (highest contributor) https://tradingeconomics.com/australia/gdp-from-mining
  4. Low dollar means very competitive export pricing hence volume i.e. iron ore and that dirty word coal. Without this input into GDP we would most certainly be in a deep recession or worse.
  5. Cosmick

    Quickies part 2

    Don't worry about Flat Earthers, eventually they will come round.
  6. I wonder if the siren started to lower in pitch
  7. I have ancestors and I have descendants, so what does that make me ? I must be the descendant of my ancestors and the ancestor of my descendants.
  8. Cosmick


    I didn't know it was that type of site
  9. Yeah they look great, I'm sure she will love em
  10. Friend had a Prefect in early 70's. Had a worked 186. A 3 speed impala shift and little fat wheels. Engine protruded under a cover between driver and passenger. I remember he took on a Sandman from the lights, we had a ski boat with 200hp chrysler on the back.
  11. What ! Blasphemy. Sure looking back now they are a bit pedestrian but at the time, a 1971 Hillman Hunter for less than $2000. 4 on the floor, a push button radio, WOW !! even a cigarette lighter (more use in those days) and very easy to rebuild the engine
  12. I read the ABC News website but I don't bother with anything headed 'Analysis' or 'Opinion'.
  13. The old man used the razor belt on us when we were kids.
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