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  1. I too pick up rubbish on my morning walks. Sometimes I quietly lament the lack of deposit legislation which would stop it in its tracks.Fast-food containers are the most prevalent items of rubbish. Aborigines are worse litterers than most, and yes I am aware that litter is all made by whitefellers. Why should desert aborigines have a culture of picking up rubbish? Any more than washing themselves. Both impossible in their native state. At least the NT now has deposits on glass bottles. It should be much more, and applied to more things. ( Copying SA after about 50 years of doing nothing. There must be big-money people against deposits). But around here, my small effort does make a difference. A bit of rubbish, once picked up, stays picked up.
  2. I remember when it took 2 days to see Uluru properly. One day you climbed it, the other day you walked around the base. BOTH these things are now banned by the aborigines who have control. They are free to destroy the income-earning nature of the place , I guess with no financial risk to their siddown money. Of course desert aborigines would have a culture which was against unnecessary exertion, gosh they were calorie-deprived all their lives. But to extend this to others is just nasty.
  3. This internet is really something... I typed in "Heinrich August Haebich blacksmith " and got a site that gave lots more stuff than ever I was told as a kid. Photos too. Apparently he went by the name August, and there is an old reference to him as " Henry " which was obviously an anglicised Heinrich. At one time, the name of Hahndorf was changed to Ambleside, due to stay-at home patriots during ww1, so this was par for the course. Across the road lived auntie Alma Miller, nee Haebich. I always wondered if uncle by marriage Clarrie Miller was actually Muller but don't know to this day. Anyway, old August Haebich was a substantial and successful man. Blacksmith Shop and Cottages - Hahndorf - Adelaide Hills - LocalWiki
  4. Rangeland meat, rain-fed, does not use resources which would otherwise be used for crops or horticulture. Without rangeland meat, there would be a lot of famines occur. Consider most of outback Australia, the land and climate are suited to grazing but not cropping. I bet there were no vegan aborigines years ago. They could not have survived. Here on the farm in the West Wimmera, some paddocks could be sown to crops. But there would be a terrible environmental cost to pay in turning pasture land into monoculture cropping. Thousands of small animals would die, including the birds which greet you with a cacophany of sound every morning. Biodiversity would crash. Inputs of chemicals and fertilizers would soar. Here's the message... be careful to differentiate between feed-lot animals fed with irrigated grain and range-land animals. And be careful even with the feed-lot animals to exclude the food that people don't eat. For example, the "corn " fed to feed-lot animals may consist of the stripped cobs, where the actual grain has been removed.
  5. There is a great book by that atheist biologist Dawkins called " the ancestor's tale". Do you know that your great ( repeat about 500 million times) grandmother was a fish? She looked a lot like a coelacanth.
  6. Bruce

    The Sunshine State

    I read that educated Chinese don't think we have a democracy here in Australia for exactly that reason. Political " donations ". But I like Yenn's idea as a way of allowing donations as long as there is no way that the recipient could know from where the money came. It would have to be pooled and handed out to all pollies. I bet donations would dry up.
  7. Well they TELL me ( with menaces ) how much tax to pay. And for this money, I get their services. So they charge me for their product. I couldn't believe it when they ( the government ) indemnified the banks FOR NOTHING when it looked like there might be a run on them. What an opportunity it was to make a deal with them for certain behavior in the future. This is called a contract. Permitted even with small capitalist governments.
  8. What makes me angry about the carry-on is that compliance is obviously voluntary. We should extend this voluntary system to road speed limits and paying tax, says me. Why is it voluntary?
  9. I go to senior's exercise classes and wear earplugs because some of the younger instructors think that louder is better. They have early signs of hearing damage but they wouldn't listen to me. They sometimes ask me about the earplugs and are a bit interested when I explain. But not interested enough to tone down the volume. A couple of the older instructors are better.
  10. Bruce

    The Sunshine State

    I wonder if the mine will ever go into production ( should be called extraction ). The kids protests are demonstrating that law-abiding protests are not effective and I suspect that the mine will not be so profitable that it can afford much disruption. But that is still a horrifying bit of news, if it really means that the qld govt gets no royalties.
  11. Afraid I'm slow and didn't understand the motion card. If the security number changes every 20 mins, how does the vendor know what the right number is unless they have some way of communicating with the card itself?
  12. Bruce

    Submarines or water?

    I like the idea of hemp instead of cotton. Is this not already possible at a farm level?
  13. Bruce

    Submarines or water?

    We sure do waste a lot of water... I once called my wife Dame Washalot and my daughter Princess Showeranhour. I blamed them for destroying the Murray-Darling system. Years later, I made sure that the farm we got was outside the Murray-Darling basin.
  14. Bruce

    What the holes for

    This mate wagged his finger at his daughter who had just bought a second hand Falcon. There was an after-market oil pressure gauge in it. "don't you drive it with no oil" he said. Well the daughter drove off, but the gauge only went half way, so she put more oil in. It still only went half way, so she kept repeating this until the engine destroyed itself. They never told the father just what happened.
  15. Two items of current news have prompted this gripe. Firstly, certain NSW towns are having such severe water shortages that the fire-fighters can't fill their tanks. Secondly, the Collins Class submarines are due for scrapping. SO what if the billions spent on those submarines had been used for water infrastructure? Associated questions: How much did those submarines cost during their whole lives? What did they achieve? ( My answers are 150 Billion and nothing ) What could we have done with water infrastructure? ( my answer is implement a Snowy type scheme where coastal water was pumped with solar power over the Great Divide. this would have been way cheaper I reckon). Feel free to criticize.
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