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  1. I like Dick Smith's idea that only those under 30 should have a vote on climate change matters. The rest of us will be dead when the worst of things happen.
  2. One of my great-grandfathers was the Hahndorf blacksmith. He was a successful man, with 11 children, and he had a poorer mate who lived nearby and painted pictures. The mate's name was Hans Heysen. My great-grandfather was August Haebich.
  3. I notice that kids are going to start protesting about climate change. Good on them, say I. If they are prepared to make some sacrifices to save the planet, we should support them. Personally, I would do anything to save the planet as long as it didn't cost me money or stop me doing things I like. I hope the kids are better than me.
  4. As for CO2 causing warming, the physics is so simple that ( for a dry planet ) you could expect a senior high-school physics class to do the maths. It is the fact of clouds which makes it a difficult problem. About 50 million years ago the planet had a lot of CO2 in the air and had very high temperatures. The evidence for all this is in ocean sediments, so there is nothing very new going on.
  5. They used max/min thermometers even in the 1950's. These thermometers left an internal pin at the extreme point for the day and after you read it, you would shake the thing to reset the pin.
  6. Here's a debating point in the climate change discussion... Climate-change opposer are doing more harm to the future lives of our kids than the jailed pedophiles ever did. Therefore climate-change opposition is worse than pedophilia and should be punished accordingly.
  7. Bruce


    If everybody got the dole, there would be no need to police it and this would save millions. Also, those on the dole could choose to do some part-time work and not have to worry about losing their dole. And employers would be able to pay their workers less, since they have the dole as a top-up. I reckon its a better idea than spending 100 billion on useless submarines.
  8. Bruce


    There is a country ( I think it is Iceland ) which pays the dole to everybody. So all wages are lower, and yet you can live on the dole if you want to. I like the idea.
  9. Bruce


    Well I would like some help eg for gardening. Now looking up the cost of this, I see that $50 per hour is considered cheap for gardening labor, but its too much for me. The Newstart is $7.50 an hour ( 300 divided by 40 hours) . Why the big difference? I would be happy to pay $10 per hour but not $50. BUT would you be required to take out thousands of dollars worth of insurance and spend big on training and safety gear? These costs would be deal-killers too.
  10. It's not much to live on especially if you pay rent. How about allowing newstart people to earn more money on the side without losing their pensions? I would like to employ one or two for a few hours a week, as long as this could be done without legal risk. Surely this would be a win/win situation, where the newstart people could earn some more money and oldies like myself could have a bit of help. There should be many ways to stop this being abused, eg by sacking existing employees and rehiring them as newstart people . Mind you, our governments seem very poor at spotting opportunities to scam welfare.
  11. Who exactly is the "australian energy market operator?" Who hires and fires them? where do they get paid from?
  12. Bruce

    What the holes for

    Yep,I did teach her to drive and I wanted to teach her maintenance too but I was outgunned. I once told her to bring some cheap oil and some cheap coolant, like you get from the supermarket... " how much?" she said." About 20 dollars " I replied. " I'll just take it to a service place" she said. "OK, but that will cost a lot more than $20 ", says me. There is a short silence, then comes this tone she uses on retards.. louder and slower than usual... " Daaaad, who on earth would pay more than $20 to get a car serviced?"
  13. Old K, did all those countries really have nukes? My understanding is that the only unknown one is Israel. I have read that they own apartments in all the major cities and have smuggled-in nukes ready to be set off with a phone call. Personally, I would like Australia to have its own nukes, with Jabiru based drones for delivery. This will be an unpopular idea for sure.
  14. Bruce

    What the holes for

    My daughter's car was parked out the front ( daughter at netball at the time ) when this mate arrived and asked why the car out front had 2 flat tyres. On inspection, they weren't flat but had about 5psi. The curbside ones were the worst, and together with the camber in the road, that car had a big lean. So I pumped them all up to 35 psi and lost the wheel trims in the process, on account of how they were interfering with the valves. Then I went out. The car was gone when I returned. Later that evening I rang and asked her did she notice anything different about the car when she drove it home.... "nope" was the answer.
  15. The only hay in Alice Springs came up on the train. My sister used to beg the loose bits for her horse, making sure that the bales were disturbed enough to make more loose bits for next time. They were those small bales you don't see much these days. I would have loved a ute, but in those days I thought that girls were like angels and completely unattainable so it wouldn't have helped much.
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