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  1. Wow! That dashcam video was absolutely terrifying! I cringed just watching it. Stupid woman will doubtless carry the consequences of her recklessness for the rest of her life. Drinking and driving is ill-disciplined and selfish, and I really dont have a great deal of sympathy for those who are caught. I own up to driving of those nasty ladder chassis 4WD's but am uttlerly unrepentent. But other than other outback residents and farmers, I'll agree most of the weekend warriors and recreational users of such vehicles are idiots.. I spend a lot of time and money fixing the fences that they cut to break into my property, collecting their rubbish they leave their campsites and fighting the fires they light. And occasionally rescuing them when they get bogged and dig huge impassable holes in my tracks. Alan
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    Since you ask A little spot called Robin Falls, about two and half hours south of Darwin. Cheers Alan
  3. NT5224


    Hi Folks Its me (Alan) across from the other site. I've been following 'Whats Up Australia' for a bit but never bothered to register myself. But its a slow work day, and with the usual negativity and griping across at the other place so I thought I'd stick my beak in here instead. And in the spirit of seasonal good to all men will start a thread entitled "Why RAA is a waste of oxygen". Nahhh, only kidding! Happy Christmas to all and their loved ones... Alan
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