Alternative energy


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It's (power) is coming from the magnets, That power's the motor, that runs the generator, that turn's the MAGNETS. (and lights the lamp)
SEE perpetual motion !.
GOING to make a BIGGY to power the HummelBird !. LoL


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And Pigs fly too. There's ALWAYS losses .. ALWAYS.. There's been perpetual motion machines for hundreds of years NONE work They must ALL obey the laws of Physics. Nev


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"I don't know but it has to be using something up.. Nev"
Our time & the forums resources,.
I think, but I could be wrong.


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There's a fraction too much friction?

There's also a lot of bouncing around, probably not surprising given the whole thing is made with a hot glue gun and a wooden spindle. Still, very clever.


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The spindle looked like a piece of carved bamboo. Added to the other imbalances/tolerances, there's a lot of wobble there. It would be interesting to see if there is any video of a more precisely built version.


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Does not matter how well it is built it is a turd and a polished turd is still just a smart looking turd.

If anyone believes in such devices........I have a bridge I would like to sell


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The nearest I can get to perpetual motion is to power big lights to shine on my solar collectors. I buy electricity at 22c and sell it at 44c. Surely I could make a small prophet
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