Forrest to Apollo Bay

Forrest is about half way between Apollo Bay and Colac. It is located in the Otway ranges - which is one of my three choices of where to retire (NSW Riverina - Tocumwal and Merimbula the other two - somewhere I can supplement my retirement income by catching fish instead of buying it).

Anyway, this is cool ride... I left Australia long before I got my motorcycle licence (at the spritely age of 42 - thankfully in the UK, they do a direct access route where if you have had a full car licence for more than three years and you are over 25 then you can do a test on a min 33 hp bike and you go direct to a full licence - or it was like that when I did it. 5 day course and only one broken ankle after graduating!)

Have blabbed on enough.. Can't wait to do this:
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