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As there's a few mature gents being members of this forum, I thought I would include this here, never know it may be of help to someone ...

I am not a Doctor and I am not offering a cure but these are facts as they happened to me.

Near 40 I started feeling uncomfortable a bit and didn't think much of it until I noticed I was starting to pee more frequently and less and slowly got worse over the next few years. Often felt like my nuts were caught in my jocks or slipping up into my guts and lower back pain. Couldn't sit still was one of the worst and couldn't ride my bicycle (yes I got a split prostate seat). Of course I got checked up and a few high notes sounded with various Doctors with gloved fingers. No result, nothing dangerous they said but inflamed prostate and not much they could do at that time.

At age 44,after a few years I would rather forget with these symptoms, I came to China and started living here from then. One thing about the Chinese they don't seem to be famous for, unlike the Japanese, is their binge drinking, it's nothing to see people being carried out of restaurants etc by the friends completely incapacitated/paryletic. They drink this awfule white spirit made from sorghum (a grain) that's generally 55% proof and it's foul.

Anyhoos, early on here I got caught up with this, they are extremely friendly and funny people who really know how to be happy out and extremely drunk as mentioned.

I was getting such bad hangovers I went out of my way searching the internet looking for cures. Basically nothing works as we all know but I found one that is very effective. I was reading a forum about drinking, which naturally included hangover threads, and a medical intern had deeply studied it and swore that Vitamin B was the answer but the dosage was critical to the effects it had. He gave the reasons why but of course us unejewkated simple folk just wanted to know the dosage so here it is ...

Buy pure Vitamin B only, do not used any processed stuff or brand names, just the pure raw pills or powder from your Chemist. I buy small bottles with 100 x 100mg pills.

400mgs VB1
400mgs VB2
400mgs VB6
800mgs VB12 (double the others)

It looks quite a lot in your hand but it won't harm you.

So I start taking this after I get home a bit drunk, and the result the next morning was I was a bit slow but lots better than usual, seemed to work effectively. I would also take another dose then before I went to work. So I found it seriously helps and is the best thing, for me at least, for hangover prevention and cure by far.

Also just on those slow mornings not even having had drink the night before, when you get out of bed it's a great 'pickmeup' for the day, you really notice it. Do not take them in the evening, hangover prevention aside of course, because you won't sleep! The dosage is the key, I have run out of one and just taken the other 3 and doesn't seem to have as much effect.

Anyway, where am I going with this ... After a few months I learnt more culture and learned how to toast at the table with respect while drinking far less and not getting pissed. But I didn't stop taking the Vitamin B for a while because it overcame the slow feeling even when you've had just a few.

And then I noticed something, slowly but absolutely Shirley over about the next half year I was starting to pee larger amounts, less often and I was starting to feel comfortable again. Firstly I put this down to being here where you tend to walk a lot and the fruit and veg is bloody amazing (story on it's own) and after a couple of years I considered myself cured.

I kind of gave up drinking entirely so also stopped taking the VB - don't halve to tell you where this is going, symptons started to come back over the next year and yet I was walking, eating better etc - back on the full strength VB dosage and yup 3 months later cured again.

I can assure you guys I have done the test of time, stopping intentionally and waiting to see what happens, getting on them again a few times and there is not a single doubt in my mind that for me the dosage of vitamin B as listed has changed my life. I am happy to mention I have done the same for a few others now as well, one fellow Oz here can not stop thanking me every time he sees me.

I do not take it every day of my life, I might just take the dose 1 or 3 times a week now as I have found that's sufficient (after you have got it down in the first place) and if I forget for a few weeks, no problem just take it 3 or 4 days straight and then back to irregular - I have been doing it for 8 years now.

It has changed my life and going strong in every aspect.

Serious, try it, no downsides, hope it helps like it has seriously helped me. You may have to go for about 6 weeks daily dosage before you notice changes from my experience and I would suggest 3 months daily - of course no medical claims there whatsoever, just posted in the spirit of maybe helping someone out.

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Many thanks Bex's and I have an interest in this sort of stuff, am going to favorite this and there's so much out there in the natural form if you have an open mind and don't have to always resorted to chems
Eastern and Western there's room for both me thinks.
Many thanks for that information bud, good to let people know. this is correct, (I'm not a Doctor either but I am a EMT) I have had the same problems, yep pee more times than the traffic lights change down on the corner. Your PSA should be < 2, mine was just <30 so off to the Doc finger up you know where, go for Bio (3 times) talked about getting it removed but the down side is up to 3 months recope, not a good choice being back in nappies at 62 years, so I got put onto the Vitamin's and 3 years later PSA test result just < 2. Gotta admit there must be something in it.
Cheers Graham

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Thanks for opening up a useful discussion, Bex.
One of the great lies of the modern era (along with "I'll respect you in the morning" and "it won't hurt a bit") is "there is no down side, no side effects". An impossible prediction. Overuse of vitamins cannot be without side effects.

That said, you're probably onto something, and traditional lore supports you. Why do I crave Vegemite after a night on the turps? It's packed with Vitamin B, and is made from brewer's waste. Kind of putting back what was removed from the beer. Given our national thirst, no wonder Australia adopted Vegemite!

Regarding the prostate gland, decades ago an old alternate health bloke told me to regularly piss in morse code. (Sort of use it or lose it.) No prostate problems since.


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Just remember there are several possibilities ranging from UTI (Urinary Tract Infection), various prostate issues, some of which can be cured by a reaming out of the urinary tract, but also several different varieties of prostate cancer from very slow moving to very aggressive. So its not a good idea to try to treat yourself and hope for results, just in case your symptoms are caused by a cancer.

I had no prostate symptoms, passed the digital tests, and due to a new GP, a high PSA reading. The surgeon removed a tumour the size of a tennis ball from the opposite side of the bowel, so I'm a very definite advocate of combined digital and PSA testing.

The key thing I've learned is that the sooner you bite the bullet when you notice a change, the lower the level of treatment and the greater the chance of survival.

So it's always advisable to go to the professionals for the diagnosis, and hopefully eliminate any cancers, and ifd not get treatment started early. With the specialists managing the situation you can research supplements.

I didn't find any real side effects listed of Bex's B1,B2,B6,B12 but the doses recommended in the research I looked at were 1.2 mg/day, so if stepping up from that it would pay to do some research and make sure it has hospital or qualified medical backing.

I have found I can slow the doubling rate down with medically researched supplements of anyone is interested.


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Just be carefull that when doing this you ignore the very real possibility of Prostate cancer. Tends to spread and kill you. The others may help but be careful.....just sayin with experience..


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Buy pure Vitamin B only, do not used any processed stuff or brand names, just the pure raw pills or powder from your Chemist. I buy small bottles with 100 x 100mg pills.

400mgs VB1
400mgs VB2
400mgs VB6
800mgs VB12 (double the others)

It looks quite a lot in your hand but it won't harm you.


Your post caught my interest for obvious reasons so I went searching for a bit more info. From what I read below and on several other posts - supplemental Vitamin B actually increases the risk of prostate cancer. Sorry to be a wet blanket and I'm sure you posted with the best intentions but ......

This excerpt was the easiest to read and to copy here without taking up pages of space with medical jargon. But it people are thinking of taking up your course of action they should perhaps consult their GP first.

Supplements to Avoid for a Healthy Prostate
7. Vitamin B12

January 22, 2011 by Dr. Geo Espinosa, N.D., L.Ac, CNS, RH (AHG)

Men are encouraged to avoid excessive intake of vitamin B12, as several studies indicate that elevated levels of the vitamin may increase the risk of prostate cancer. One study noted a threefold increased risk of developing prostate cancer when vitamin B12 was elevated in the blood. (Hultdin 2005) In the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition Study, researchers found that high levels of vitamin B12 could be linked to an increased risk of developing advanced prostate cancer. (Johansson 2008) Men should follow the RDA for vitamin B12, which is 2.4 micrograms daily.

- See more at:
I had somewhat elevated PSA in 1963 / 64, and tried the alternative medicine route - as one does; tho in my case it was not vitamin B based. However whilst it appeared to work for a while, eventually the PSA started to go up again, and the long & short of it was that I had to have it removed. Since then my PSA level has gone down to less than 0.01 and has (so far) stayed there. That sort of result is not available by radiation therapy; I've been back on 2-yearly Class 2 medical examinations for about four years, now. Since that time, the "Da Vinci" micro-surgery technique has become available, and the operation done that way is much less traumatic, and the after-effects seem to be less, too. I damn nearly left it too late with my dithering around, and I'd advise anybody nowadays not to make the same mistake. Da Vinci is not cheap - but neither is a conventional prostatectomy.


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As my reasonably young female Doctor said. On the bed Geoff Hopoate time. You are over 55 a finger up the freckle is cheap insurance.


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Gandalph, thanks for the heads up, as I said I am not a Doctor just trying to be helpful with what has worked for me for irritated prostate.

I will personally continue with it but of course you are 100% correct, with that info they should consult a Doctor first.

Thanks for your input, exactly what these threads should discover.
bexrbetter, thanks for the email, the vitamins that I take are Pure Vitamin B only.My Oncologist ( He's Asian )told me about it . At the beginning he was worried that with such a high count just <30 ( at this high count cancer is almost for sure) that the cancer would have escaped into the Lymph Nodes, After all this time and test after test the Vit's daily asI said my count is just <2, No sign of cancer, blood tests still evey 3 months for the next 12 months. Vitamin B worked for me, may not work for some people but I'll take it every day. Cheers Graham
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