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Wine doesn't go bad, space, unless you let air on it or the cork goes bad. But it can be kept too long and not taste so good , depending on the wine.
I suggest you try that Minchinbury from time to time. It is wrong to think that older is always better with wine.
Thanks, Bruce... If I can get the son to retract from his hatred of flying in large jets (small planes are fine, but I can't afford it), then the whole family will be out in March and the Barossa will be one of my destinations. If he doesn't, then it will be myself and my daughter only and as a 12 year old, wineries are probably not on her hit list of things to do (although, I am sending off my ASIC and Aussie PPL applications, so on the assumption all is OK, it will be closer than by car).

Wine normally stores and travels well (if kept in temperature controlled conditions and not bumped around too much). Spacey - check this out: 1966 Chateau Petrus: Wine-Searcher. Human race only please .... Wines do have a use by date after which their value drops significantly.

However, there is (or was) one notable exception - Celia's White Pinot (Wine-Searcher. Human race only please ...) Not sure if they make it any more. was a lovely drop but travelled and stored very badly.. According to a winemaker I knew out here, it was actually poor winemaking technique that gave it is unique taste and body, but as a result, it was definitely not one for storage - but I have never had that verified, so it could be a complete load of rubbish.

My main red staple is Wolfie B but at the moment I am also drinking Wynns Coonawarra Cab Say ("The Sidings"). My in laws went on a ferry run to Calais (France) where they picked up a few dozen each for me... Wolfie was £4.99/Bottle - at the time about $8.50 Aussie a bottle. I think the Wynns was about £6.99 bottle - both perfectly good wines, especially at that price point. Wolfie Yellow usually retails around £7.99 but is often on special at around £5.99. Wynns is not as available but ISTR it being around the £9 mark. I have long since converted my wife, although as Aussie reds are now in the 14.5% alcohol bracket and we are not getting younger, she has moved from Aussie reds to an Italian blend (not sure of what) labelled and sold by Marks and Spencer for £8 in a 1 litre bottle. It is very nice and I think Aussie manufacturers may want to start making decent wines at less alcohol content as, with an ageing and more health-conscious population, it would offer a growing market (not many of those in wine these days, outside China).

My wife's white of choice is Oxford Landing Sauvignon Blanc - retails at £6.99 but we don't pay over a fiver for it.. It is probably the sweetest SB I have tasted, but at 10.5% alcohol, I find drinking my Aussie whites gets me comatose slightly quicker...
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I found a "wine" For my sweet-tooth."Bailey's Riesling" The one I like was only in a little bottle they called "Cafe wine" at $8 a small bottle.
Every year for I don't remember, we would take the trip from Sydney to Glenrowan Victoria, & buy a case.
They succumbed to the big Label, And was told to put it all into the standard cheap-plonk wine selling at $3.50 a large (over a litre ) bottle.
but not anything for me to drink
Still looking for a wine for MY pallette. (cordial taste)


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Just used your link !
AND Baileys Noble Dessert is on ebay selling at $48.05. a pot, (750ml)
Not bad for a "Cafe Wine worth $8 a bottle. LoL
Should I drink the new year in with it.


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Borrow John Travolta's.
I think he's bored with it & giving it away !. LoL
Have to be carefull with the drink's as some set-off an asthma attack.
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