Plane Pics


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Yes Space, there has been talk for 18 months or more about an airport at Koo Wee Rup, sometimes referred to as Melbourne's Badgery's Creek. See map.

koo wee rup.JPG


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WHO's going to FX (computer generated) A "Hummel Bird" on a two door garage door with a mullion in the centre.
If It looks good, (great would be better) I'll try my hand at spray painting it for real.
My desktop with good programs died, now on the wifey's laptop.
something like thi perhaps.


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Why plant an aerodrome on prime farming land that's got a close water table to the surface?. IT would need 12 ft depth of floating cement reinforced runway . Nev


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Hey now there's an idea. Instead of using existing land to build it, get the Chinese navy in and build one in Port Phillip Bay.
After all, they did it in the Spratleys.


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Only problem is the Chinese would take control to protect their "assets and personnel" and fill it with fighters and missiles.

Then we would discover some pollies allowed that in the contracts


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"s when the sea level rises. Make it into a submarine base? Nev "

Longer Snorkel's required. The sailors will get a bit Wet boarding the subs under-water.
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