Predictor of Cardiac Health Risk

old man emu

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I was looking at the CAMS medical requirements for drivers to compare them with those for RAAus pilots and came across this Cardiac Health Risk methodology.

I accept anyone's argument that this predictor is not 100% perfect. At least it provides a guide to the possibility of poor cardiac health.

And don't suggest that the CAMS medical requirements should apply to RAAus certificates. None by the super heroes would be classed as fit to fly.



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HDL/LDL ratio is a better predictor than any actual cholesterol figure. No mention of diet or exercise level or carotid artery examinations Ultrasound etc. for plaque,etc
Stroke can be a greater risk than cardiac for people. who are older. Too much emphasis on age for cardiac. Some have significant heart deterioration at 19 years, or even younger.. and massive heart events before 30. Medications are one of the greatest advances in preventing these things in the real world. although I favour lifestyle changes, Diet and exercise, most people wont stick to them so there's a big reliance on medication... Nev
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