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We've all seen some daft signs around the place, and especially in the interwebbythingummy, and some of them are actually Kosher,. . .some are just constructs. . . .

Here's one my mate photographed on vacation. . . . If YOU have ssen some,. . .then maybe we have a good thread ?

SIGNS - SILLY #1.jpg

This was obviously designed by a British Government employee, whilst on vacation. . . . .? The British Government seem to have a serious problem with mathematics. . . . . . .
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Phil Perry

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I swear I saw one in Northern NSW many years ago,. . . .can't remember the name of the town though, . . .let's say it said someting like. . .

Nobby Creek,
Pop 126
Fresh Yabbies
See Jonno at the pub.
There is a sign, that I don't have a photo of on the captain cook highway driving south just before Ellis beach that's about 6'x4' saying

Cairns CBD 8hr parking limit between the hours of 0900 and 1700 on weekdays....


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There is a sign on the road to Palm Beach NSW on lovely bit of curvy road that says.............


It is literally the most dangerous part of the road if you stuff up- straight into the sign rather than the nice, soft, comfy beach plants.
A dead set proper sign on some dangerous curves- for the brain dead, heat stroked cage drivers.

Always gives me a chuckle.


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I have a photo taken in the late 80's in England.

It is a brass sign in a stone bridge in southern England.

The sign states :-
"Persons caught damaging or defacing this bridge will be transported to the colonies". It was dated in the late 18th century.

It tickled my fancy and after 12 months in England at that stage I was so tempted to stand on the bridge and start swinging a sledge hammer just for the free trip home. I shall try to find it and scan it.


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Not exactly a sign but ... there was some graffiti scratched into a condom vending machine in a Broome pub that made me laugh a lot.
"For refund, please insert baby"
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