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"But isn't that the same as a "clearing sale"
I hope not !, I certainly do need a "clearing" or garage sale, but not a "deceased Estate sale"
Garage sales as such, never caught on in the UK,. . .most people take their unwanted stuff and junk to weekend Car Boot Sales, where sharks try to get it off you for nothing then advertise it all on Ebay, or Gumtree, etc. . . .


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I like the scene out of "Road Trip". The brainiac calculates exactly what speed they need to make it over the river, but neglects to mention what condition the car will be in after it "lands".
There is a little bridge that has a steep-ish apex neat to where we have just moved in. I went over it a bit quick in the car and I am sure the wheels came off the ground for sa short bit of time.. and when I say quick. I mean about 35mph... Strange noises coming from the front wheels now!


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Some wag put up a sign at a ramp that some daredevil had used to fly a car into Gladstone harbour. Just like the one pictured above. the sign announced it as an Irish boat ramp.
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