Support Men's Health this mo-vember

I know, its halfway through already, but I haven't seen anyone else post and I thought I'd put my movember page out there if anyone would like to have a look and explore the various causes that are being supported by Movember.

Among these things are prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and mental health issues. If you aren't affected, very good chance someone you know is or will be.

I am normally a clean-shaven fellow (by Executive order) however I've got the dispensation this month to let the mo' flow! I'm going for the Ron Burgundy or 70's Mark Spitz look. The side burns are coming along better than the mo at the moment, but there's a few weeks to go yet!

mods I hope this is OK in the off-topic section?

Old Koreelah

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While its fun to be involved with a campaign like Movember, lets not be like Sunday morning Christians. All around us are blokes coping with the very diseases you mention. Giving actual support to them is far more important than growing facial hair.

After all the help I gave to others, when I needed support there was none.
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Fair enough OK, and point well taken... in terms of real help, what it does is build awareness - since I've started I've had 2 people who felt they could talk to me over issues with depression, and I believe I've been of some guidance, however small. I've raised $270 so far, which not being a huge sum is still doing what I can. And my family is/has been affected as well.

But yes OK is right... let's not make the 'fun' of it the focus... its just an 'in' to start dialogue and nothing more.
Good stuff Joey, yeah mine's coming in a bit blonde/grey as well so not too visible from afar yet. That's a pretty good amount! We have a company team here as well, but they don't seem to be doing much with it...
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