Too good to be true.


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Isn't it having "nothing" as money?.. At least if you buy the Sydney Harbour bridge, you have something to hang your hopes on. Nev


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Channel 10's Shawrk Tank judge/investor Steve Baxter was scammed in a fake ad for Bitcoin Trader.

The advertisement claims judges Glen Richards and Baxter engaged in a “bidding war” over online Bitcoin trading and purchasing business Bitcoin Trader, with a fake deal for $2.5 million for 20% of the company outlined. Boost Juice founder Janine Allis was also roped into the scam, with the fake article claiming the shark bought $250 worth of Bitcoin during the pitch, before seeing it increase in value $73 just three minutes later.
The fake article also included a number of illegitimate quotes attributed to the sharks and various supposed Bitcoin Trader users.

This isn’t the first time Baxter has been impersonated in a scam online; earlier this year, he shared a LinkedIn post when a number of similar fake articles popped up online claiming Baxter was promoting a scheme for “getting rich quick from binary options”. Baxter expressed his outrage at being targeted in such a way, labelling those who execute such scams as “one evolutionary stage below pond scum”.
“It’s not just me; almost anybody with a high public profile gets caught in these scams and closing them down is like playing whack-a-mole — the buggers always pop up elsewhere (I have found out it sort of goes with the territory),” Baxter said presciently
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