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3 hours ago, spacesailor said:


Australia is looking a lot like MARS, the red planet !.

a few pics from a pilot in Dubbo.


Lyndal Powderly added 33 new photos to the album: Highlighting DROUGHT - Dubbo to Wellington in Drought Sep 2019 by Geoff Chase and Lyndal Powderly.
September · 

A clear day from the air flying in a Jabiru with pilot Geoff Chase from Dubbo to 


Been watching a few of Chris and Scott Hendry's flying around series,. . . but since I have not flown over the same areas since the mid to late 1970s, I can't remember what it looked like back then for a comparison. . . I watched a few last evening, and both Chris and Scott remarked several times how green it looked, even the Simpson Desert ! ! ! I think those  particular vids were from late 2016 . . .

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Scottish soccer results are sometimes difficult to understand at first glance. . . Try saying this quickly after four beers. . .


 East Fife 4 Forfar 5

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NOT a patch on the Welsh language.


the IRISH are trying to be just as weird.


Blooody hard to spell.






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add a picture.

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I posted in the wrong thread. I had to type something when I deleted the post and reposted in the correct thread.

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