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Phil Perry

Drink Driving in the UK

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I actually like Chargers, although I didn't fit into the w0g category when I lived in Aus... I recall Matlock police had Chryslers.. maybe a charger..


Well done to you.. I wish I kept my A9X.. I got rid of it as the interior was - offensive. That $8K is now worth about $300K... And it has grunt and gets you from 0 -60 fast for that day (not as fast as the Euro supercars).. nbut drove like a camel over-indulged on water...


Having said that, I do miss my VS Crappydore... Executive (aka base) model.. FEII suspension, tinted windows and a towbar were the only accessories. 5 Speed manual, too.. It was a late 95 model (put 85K kms on it and I left Aus at the end of 96 as I lived in Melb and worked in Morwell).. Left it with my Bro. In the UK picked up a '96 Audit A6, 2.8l  V6.. It was a far superior car in build quality - but there was a character about the crappydore that had me looking forward to driving it whenever I returned to Aus...


You can call me a philistine!


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My Charger was very close to a full blown WOG mobile.


It was not purple though, But Sunfire yellow.


The previous and only other owner was my friends dad a Italian bricklayer, he garaged it every day of its life and only drove on weekends. He decided his son had far too much italian passion and not enough sense to keep it in one piece. So sold it too me.


He sure cried when he saw its power pole demise.


He had a greek mate with a full blow purple chrysler 360. Bloody aweful machine in every way.


Boot held a lot of beer though.

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They might have had Studebaker Hawks. Light blue variety. They were popular with the cops.  Reasonable car at the time.  Nev

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